Cong Conceded Walkover to BJP in J&K Vis-a-Vis Optics: Omar


SRINAGAR — National Conference leader Omar Abdullah Thursday questioned Congress party’s election campaign in Jammu and Kashmir saying it was inexplicable that the opposition party conceded a “walkover” to the BJP as far as optics were concerned.

“The Congress was in with a fighting chance in 4 of the 6 seats and in 3 of these the BJP was the main opponent. It’s inexplicable how the BJP was simply given a walkover as far as the optics of the campaign were concerned,” Abdullah said in a series of tweets.

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The former chief minister, whose party was part of UPA II, said the lack of presence of top Congress leaders on campaign trail in Jammu and Kashmir spoke a lot about their approach to the state.

“It says a lot about the Congress party & its approach to J&K. There hasn’t been a single election meeting by its leadership,” he tweeted.

Abdullah said by contrast, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah addressed several rallies in the state.

“Contrast this with the number of rallies addressed by Modi ji & Amit Shah. They may not have come to the valley but they didn’t ignore the state,” he added.  


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