Modi’s Spectacular Road Show


Basking in the glory of vainglory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi displayed a stunning spectacular roadshow in Varanasi as part of the razzmatazz of his political campaign. Around 1.4 lakh liters of drinking water was used on Wednesday night to wash the roads of Varanasi where over 30 per cent of the population goes without piped water. It is learnt that as many as 40 water tankers of the Varanasi Municipal Corporation and 400 labourers were deployed for the task. Usually, roads are washed only during festivals. Modi having stated that election was the festival of democracy sees no wrong in splurging money for his self-aggrandizement. 

Our country is a country of poor people. Once the poor people are provided with the basic needs and once they become self-reliant in financial matters, there is no wrong in displaying or conducting extravagant political campaign commensurate with the standard of the people. Why our father of the nation always wore only simple dress because he saw his country men were barely clad due to poverty. They had no the wherewithal to buy dress. So, history is replete with so many instances of good or exemplary leaders. Only leaders with compassionate hearts can know the pulses of the masses and express solidarity with them.

T K Nandanan

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