Dr Khuroo Delivers Special Lecture At KU On ‘Hepatitis-E’ 


SRINAGAR — A one -day special lecture on ‘Hepatitis-E, from bench to bed side, my personal journey’, was delivered by eminent surgeon DrMS  Khuroo, at University of Kashmir on Tuesday.

The lecture was organized by AlamaIqbal Library, KU and was presided over by Vice Chancellor University of Kashmir Prof Talat Ahmad.

He thanked Dr Khuroo for accepting the invitation of the varsity and appreciated contributions of DrKhuroo in the field of medical sciences.

DrKhuroo who was the Chief Guest on the occasion discussed his journey about the discovery Hepatitis-E.

He shared his struggles and challenges in the process. “My friends, parents and family were always beside me through my journey. I believe in building the trust of patients and then using the same to relieve their pain.”

He said that as a medico he believes in three principles, “patient care, education and research.”

He shared the question which shaped the discovery of Hepatitis-E, “An extreme belief that epidimics of jaundice and resultant mortality in pregnant women in our community had a hidden saga,” DrKhuroo added.

He further said that one-third of the population of the developing countries suffer from the virus.

He spoke about the ingenious field study that he conducted over a period of fourteen years in which he mentioned the Kashmir epidemics from 1979-1993.

Dr Khuroo talked about how he broke the news about his discovery after fourteen years of tiring research in the medical fraternity and how it was received.

“There was much skepticism that I faced from people who were vary of my discovery and tried to dilute my discovery. To make them believe I had to transport the samples of the virus to Chicago,” said Dr Khuroo.


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