5 Reasons Why Used Cars Make More Sense

The used car market has seen substantial growth in 2018, one of the major reasons behind this growth is the entry of off-lease cars in the market.

With so many product launches and regular updates, the market is brimming with choices. Compared to the last few decades, the product quality is much higher. For car-shoppers, it has been nothing short of a dilemma – whether to buy a new car or save a significant amount of money on a pre-owned car. There are a lot of reasons to buy a new car but the eye-watering prices don’t help the case much. On the other hand, when we think of used cars, we can safely imagine those thousands of dollars that come as a write-off.

A survey by Kelley Blue Book found that on an average Americans paid $33,500 for a new car while the average cost for a used car was around $20,000. The margin between a new and used vehicle is significant. Still, when shopping for a used vehicle few concerns remain – we are doubtful about reliability and vehicle history. You don’t want a vehicle that was used in the fleet, those vehicles aren’t shown any love.  

The Pros of buying a used vehicle: 

Save Money (Loads of it): By purchasing a used car, you will pay a lot less than what you would have paid for a brand new model. At the price of a new hatchback, you can bring home a much luxurious sedan. If you decide to get a “better” car, you can buy a car from a different segment altogether. For new cars, depreciation makes them bleed their value with time. According to Consumer Reports, a new car will be worth just 54 percent of its original price after a period of three years. As you drive off the showroom, your car loses significant value. Depreciation accounts for the major cost during the ownership of a car.

Don’t be worried about reliability issues much: Manufacturing has improved by leaps and bounds. A recently built car, SUV or pickup will last much longer than a car that was built a few decades back. It will take a substantial amount of abuse from the owner to deteriorate the condition of the vehicle.

Verified/Certified cars from dealers: Dealers have well-maintained cars that end up at their lots after serving their lease tenure. When serving their lease tenure, the cars go through routine maintenance and since these cars are held under an agreement, the previous owners must restrict the mileage and also take good care of these cars. These cars might carry a premium price over other used cars in the market but will offer more peace of mind. Buyers use car-shopping websites like CARHP to find certified used cars near their locality. CARHP maintains an extensive inventory of new and used cars near your location and helps you to get the best deal from the dealership.

Financing deals available with the dealers: Buying a used car isn’t much of a chore as before. There are lucrative financing options that are available from the dealership.

More car for less money (You can drive a much better car for what you are spending): When buying a used car you can choose to buy a more powerful and better-equipped car. These might also be true from a safety perspective. When compared to a new hatchback, a used mid-size sedan will be equipped with more safety features. The cars from the upper segment have more rigid chassis and a structure that can sustain damages in case of a fatal crash. And if you are an enthusiast on a budget then the pre-owned car market has so many options for the same price.

CARHP.COM is an automobile startup that is looking to simplify car buying experience in the US. The website helps the users to choose a car that suits their needs better. CARHP uses car reviews, buying guides and comparisons to inform the buyers about their prospective purchase. CARHP offers an extensive inventory of new and used cars near your location.



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