Guru’s Son Accuses Indian Daily Of Misquoting Him

Srinagar: Afzal Guru’s son has accused an Indian daily of intentionally misquoting him on wanting to become a “proud Indian citizen.”

“They have quoted as me saying that I will be a proud Indian citizen when I get my passport. All I said was that I was happy to have an Aadhar card and a passport will help me pursue higher education abroad,” Guru’s son Ghalib told GNS, referring to a Times of India (ToI) report that quoted him as saying that he “will be a proud Indian citizen when I get my passport.” 

A video  accompanying the ToI story shows a reporter asking Ghalib if he was “proud of the fact that you own a Government of India card?”

Ghalib replies, “At least I have one card. Now I want the passport in order to go to foreign countries to pursue my education.” He also says he has a scholarship offer from Turkey. 

The reporter then asks him again if he was “happy” to have an Aadhar card, to which Ghalib replies,” Yes, I am happy.”

Guru’s wife Tabassum said one of the reasons she doesn’t allow Indian media to speak to her son is because “they often misquote us.”

“My father-in-law had let them in as one of the reporters said she was a Kashmiri Pandit. It’s sad they still misquoted Ghalib for their story,” she said.

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