Ah! These Armchair War Mongers


The recent Air Strike spectacle by both India and Pakistan has brought whole South Asia on the blink of another war. There are loud calls for vengeance with arm chair war mongers baying for more blood. Any new war can only unleash and accelerate the theatre of war kill more people and bring more pain.

Indian media and many Indian’s (cutting across ideological and political barriers) is spreading jingoism and hyper nationalism rather than doing its job of questioning the state which has failed to address the issue of Kashmir and end the simmering conflict. 

This media has disseminated lies that Kashmir is not an issue to be settled thus perpetuating the agony of countless Indians not to talk of Kashmiris.

All those who now lament at the loss of 49 CRPF personal should first question their own wisdom because when saner voices were forewarning about it they were shutting them up by boasting of false macho bravado. This fake media was drawing vicarious pleasure at the daily killing of Kashmiri boys and dismissing them as stone pelters and terrorists. Had they felt some pain of this human suffering they would not be now crying through roof tops about CRPF loses. I dare say these arm char war mongers are responsible for CRPF deaths.

One should not forget that it is not a Kashmiri who has chosen this conflict, it was imposed on us. We haven’t chosen anything yet; in fact we haven’t been given a choice to decide at all. There are hardly any of us in Kashmir who haven’t lost any family member or relative in this conflict and we by all means understand what pain, grief and loss is. Apparently it is we Kashmiris who can relate more with any individual or family who have suffered in this conflict be it from India or Pakistan.

Honesty, humanity, humility what else…. but the arrogance , haughtiness, egomania of the state, which has kept its ears closed and eyes shut to the years of suffering of the people of Kashmir instead of resolving the dispute amicably. It is this haughtiness and status quo maintained by both India and Pakistan which is responsible for all current mayhem and looming catastrophe.Until and unless the Kashmir dispute is solved amicably the clouds of war will continue to hover over India and Pakistan threatening the existence of teeming millions who crave for a morsel of food before going to bed.

 Majid Rashid 

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