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Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti (RA) was born to a respected family who were descendants of Hazrat Ali (AS) through his sons Hazrat Imam Hassan and Hazrat Imam Hussain (Alaihimus Salam).

He was born birth in the village of Sanjar in 537AH which still exists. His father’s name was Khawaja Ghayasuddin and his mother was Bibi Umulvara. She was extremely happy when she knew she was expecting and she herself could feel the change amongst people during that time as foes turned into friends. 

But Moinuddin was born at the time when bloodshed was at its peak between Muslims and Non-Muslims. So his father decided to leave Sistian and settle in Neshapur as ulemas were being killed mercilessly and even turmoil of institutions took place. 

As he grew up, he learnt holy Quran at the age of nine and lost his parents at the age of 14. First, he lost his mother followed by his father. He was left alone but made himself strong and he led his life in an exemplary style. He was alone and worked on his orchard by watering plants. Pious dervishes would visiot him. Ibrahim Qandoozi was one dervish who came to him and Moinuddin Chishti kissed his hand and made him sit under a tree’s shade. The young host served him grapes. Ibrahim Qandoozi was very impressed and in turn, he gave a slice of cake to Moinuddin. Without any hesitation, he ate it. He was showered with the light of wisdom and radiated divine manifestations. After this incident, he noticed the diasappearnce of Ibrahim Qandoozi from the spot. He wasted no time and decided to give up all his worldly belongings and distributed all his money amongst poor people. He even broke all worldly ties and set out for Samarkand and Bukhara for greater knowledge under the bright light of holy Quran and Sunnah. 

He was all alone without any food or penny but with great jubilation to seek the truth. Indeed he never knew he would become the Awliya Allah and balm the wounds of afflicted humanity.

Then he became the disciple of Usman Harooni. As Moinuddin acquired the best wisdom by his teacher, he decided to travel along with him. They both went to Mecca and Medina and performed Hajj together.

One night, he dreamt that the Holy Prophet (SAW) is giving him a signal to proceed to Indian subcontinent and secure the lives of people there. So he started his journey passing from Isfahan, Bokhara, Herat, Lahore and Delhi gathering information by meeting various prominent Sufis. During his journey, he enrolled a lot of people to his motive and many joined him. He blessed many people with his spiritual powers and removed their miseries. 

However once in Ajmer in around 587AH he faced resistance from the people there. This made him to stay put. By now he was 52. At the time the sub-continent was ruled by Prithivi Raj Chauhan. There he stayed on a hill of Anna Sagar and that place is known as the Chillah of Khawaja Sahib. He became a very pious Dervish, who spent his life in spiritualism for the sake of Allah reorienting the lives of many to the trajectory of truths’ by laying his own majesty to the world.

With his devotion of intimacy, austerity, great moral character and power of silence, he won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people without any carnal stockpile. His kind nature and dedication to the mankind made him known as Gharib Nawaz. Moinuddin at Ajmer Sharif today superintends the lives of many.

Moinuddin focused and spread the word that giving is the source of happiness. His determination began with the thought that no one gets poor after giving but it always multiplies. He believed that one who has strong faith can never cause harm to humanity. Whoever came to him for help or solution, he would be the humblest and the kindest towards their miseries. 

Due to his simplicity and generosity, people world-wide embraced Islam. His main principles and philosophies were conducted for people in that era and for people today as well. He has always been an exceptional saint in India. His affection and silence changed the stoniest hearts of enemies. His spiritual powers amazed the bitterest people who came to harm him.

Even Ajai Pal, leader of powerful magicians submitted himself towards the divine powers of Moinuddin. Khawaja Sahib continued his mission on the path of truth to people and enjoyed his graced meetings. So this was the reason why he settled in Ajmer Sharif.

He brought the message of love, peace and generosity. He fulfilled his objectives that are to bring together the races, communities and castes. He wanted to elevate people from materialistic concerns, the main reason of devastation today. 

The essence of his teachings include firstly, the true friend of Allah is one who has three qualities. They include the quality of hospitality, one should be generous like the ocean and one should rise and benefit others in every manner. Secondly, the noblest character is he who has traits of being bountiful, cheerful and friendly. Thirdly, the ways to demolish the hell punishments include feeding the hungry, helping a person and supporting the aggrieved.

Some of his disciples are Hazrat Khawaja Quttabuddin Bakhtiar Kaki, Hazrat Fariduddin Ganj Shakar, Hazrat Khawaja Nizamuddin Awliya, Hazrat Nasiruddin Chiragh Dehlavi and Khawaja Banda Nawaz.

Moinuddin is known as Sultan-e-Hind. It is proved that he is credited for bringing together Christians in India and walk on the path of spiritualism.

Once, Moinuddin was sitting by the Anna Sagar lake with his flock. There he stopped the boy and asked for milk but the boy claimed that his cows were unable to provide milk. So Moinuddin Chishti smiled and asked him to pull out milk from a particular cow. The milk that he drew out was enough for 40 people to drink.

Moinuddin visited Ajmer Sharif and camped under a tree outside the city but Prithviraj Chauhan’s keepers disturbed his flock. Moinuddin with his companions moved away. But the next day, their camels didn’t wake up. So their keepers chased and went crying back to the pious man and begged and asked for forgiveness. Moinuddin asked them to move away and their camels came to life again.

Moinuddin asked Pal to use his powers and bring back the water of Ajmer but he failed. He tried several times but people got to know about his real position so in the end Pal embraced Islam and became the most devout mureed. These incidents made him a special person and of the Will of Allah Almighty. Even today, people visit his shrine and never come back empty handed.

Locals visit his shrine every Thursday and follow his norms such as covering the heads despite gender. His urs (death anniversary) is celebrated once a year. It is a very huge gathering which also promotes the idea of praying together. 


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