Oh our beloved daughter!: Our heads hang in shame

Throughout human history, disgraceful act like rape, has always been used as a weapon to dehumanize, demoralize, torture, and coerce a particular section of people to be loyal to a criminal-murdered gang. And unfortunately most of the times the victims are women, and criminals men. We have witnessed this in wars (e.g. Vietnam, Korean, India-Pakistan partition etc.), riots, battles and where not. Such female victims are often subjected to utmost mental and physical torture and the motive is to send a stern message that hay you men look your women will be disgraced and mutilated if you are not following our orders. Mind it once and for all.

These murders of humanity usually adapt very organized tactics, which are often mixed with ugly and distorted nationalistic and religious flavors to make the crime look appealing to masses, who love nationalism, and motherland rhetoric. Exactly this has recently happened yet again in Jammu and Kashmir where similar incidents during partition are still fresh, and deeply carved in our memories. An unimaginably innocent girl child became a new victim to the age old story of religious and nationalistic hatred, which is usually based on religious superiority of a particular society, and the ultimate motive is to suppress, and if possible, to completely eradicate a particular community from a region. This we have always witnessed, and it will continue under the leadership of fascist regime where minorities are always used as an experimental laboratory to test ideas of mass hysteria with an underlying aim to win elections on religious lines. It works. Prove me wrong.

The polarization on religious affiliations is an age old tactic used by various rulers throughout the human history, and during the British period the Brits did exactly the same. They divided the greater India into religious India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh with a motivation to suppress their development and to make sure they are not above us in controlling of the world power, which will ultimately destabilize their power. That is called political forecasting. They are good at it. Trust me. It is a power game sir. It worked, and it is actively working. And this division was not an ordinary battle but extremely bloody, and ghastly inhumane. The partition memories are so harsh that it still sends chills across your body when you read about it. Read any of Mr. Saadat Hasan Manto’s (one of the great Urdu writers) partition stories and you will map a distinctive similarity between what happened then, and what has just happened. And unsurprisingly the recent rape of a little girl child reminds us the ugliest, vicious, and ruthless memories of partition. This is because the motivation is same, to control power, and that is why the tactics are not surprising.

How appropriate, even Bakerwals, who are already a marginalized community, are a threat to the power that the murderers wish for. This means these murderers, rapists, and criminals are very unstable (have to be), and are building their castles on sand. They are bound to fail, and ought to fail. They are very weak, and one has to just develop a simple and sensible community to completely uproot such nasty elements from the planet earth.

And we should not be surprised that some pseudo lawyers are supporting these monstrous criminals. Don’t you know that the rapist-murderer-criminal-gang comprises of all shades of people. They are doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, politicians and common people, to name a few. And their religious, cultural, linguistic and social affiliations also vary quite a lot. So, they are not just a group of people, they are around us, within us, and all around us. So be scared, and very much scared.

The incidents of violence against humans and by the humans is something that should shatter us all. How can a human turn into a murderer, criminal and a rapist. Where are we heading, and what will we achieve with this.

Geologists tell us that nature has shaped the planet Earth for creatures, and humans are one of the creatures that have civilized very recently (~10,000 years). And interestingly most of what we consume comes from the Earth, this includes in particular, water, air, and land. So our resources are given to us. Perhaps the only thing that nature asked humans to do is to behave, and live in peace on the blue planet that that we all call home. And guess what. We have not done justice to this simple task of coexistence. In return we created more hate, which destroys people, and the planet at large.

Love is constructive, and develops bridges of peace, coexistences, and harmony, while as hate does the opposite. It seems that to achieve love and coexistence humans have developed a comprehensive education system that teaches one how to behave and live together on the planet Earth. However, it seems this very education system has NOT worked, and it has failed to do justice to the simple task of living in harmony. We seems to have achieved a lot of things except living in harmony, and that arrogant behavior of ours is going to end our journey on this planet. Very soon. Otherwise. Just behave and be nice. And live happily.


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