Jammu: PDP MLA Batamaloo Noor Muhammad Sheikh Wednesday alleged that he was kidnapped by Congress MLA Bandipora Usman Majeed when he was the Deputy Commander of the Kuka Parrey-led Ikhwan group.

“He told me to come out and I will kill you,” Noor Mohammad informed house, saying that I fear for my life as Usman was militant, and then Ikhwani.

MLA Batamaloo also revealed that he was kidnapped two times in 90’s by Usman Majid’s party.

“When Kuka Parray was chief of Ikhwan and Usman sahab his deputy, I was kidnapped two times,” he revealed and said, “My father had to pay bounty of 1 lack once and 60 thousand another time.”

The remarks enraged Usman Majeed who stormed into the Well of the House to register his protest.