SRINAGAR: Alleging that the present government doesn’t want to see business prosperity in the state, Kashmir Inc on Tuesday threatened to take extreme step in case the government fails to revoke the decision of hiking the rent Wakf shops by 3000 per cent.

The Kashmir Inc said that unilateral decision of the government to hike the shop rentals by around 3000 per cent was a deliberate attack to deprive Kashmiri businessman of their livelihood. 

Addressing a joint presser here at local hotel, Kashmir Traders Manufacturing Federation (KTMF) led by Muhammad Yasin Khan and Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) led by Mushtaq Ahmad Wani termed the 3000 per cent hike in rent of shops owned by the Muslim Wakf Board as a “Hindutva-style onslaught on Muslim properties” and asked state government to revoke the decision or face agitation.

“The officials in the Wakf board have hiked the monthly rent of 1400 shops by 3000 per cent without taking them on board. It is a sudden move and the authorities must have discussed the issue with the people who are running their businesses in their shops on rent basis,” KTMF president, Muhammad Yasin Khan said.

“Wakf Board has some 1400 shops whereas the number of other shops on rent in Kashmir is around 2.5 lakh. Once Wakf board rent will be hiked it will have direct impact on all rentals,” Khan said, adding that they won’t allow such kind of moves and will continue to fight for the welfare of traders.

“The shopkeepers were paying around Rs 10,000 rent per year and this would be hiked by 15% after every three years. Though hike in rent was expected and acceptable but hike to Rs 3.5 lakhs per year is a hike which has been unheard of till now,” Khan flanked by other leaders including KCCI president Mushtaq Ahmad Wani, told reporters.

“I urge the higher ups of Wakf board to take the people running their business in Wakf board shops on board and take the decision according to their aspirations,” he said, adding that in case the government failed to look into the miseries of the people then they will take extreme.