By Insha Farid

Unemployment is perhaps the biggest concern of the educated youth of our society today. According to a study, Kashmir has some 6,000 unemployed doctors, 2,000 unemployed bio-technologists and a large number of unemployed graduates. Some estimates hold the number of unemployed youth in Kashmir to be over 78,000. These figures quite clearly state that while we have a number of educational opportunities, we lack enough job opportunities. In Kashmir, the bulk of jobs is provided by the government as we have a very weak private sector. But, as more and more people begin to seek education, the job opportunities become lesser. This is why finding a suitable job has become next to impossible these days. Educated youth of the valley are increasingly migrating to other places to look for better job opportunities. Why has it become necessary for our youth to migrate elsewhere to seek employment? Is it because other states and countries offer better opportunities or is it because working in foreign countries and other states has become a new trend? Also, are we losing valuable skill due to this? Team KO asks. Here is what a section of the society has to say.