Is Television Doing Our Thinking for Us?

By Asiya Raheem

When it comes to leisure activities, television tops the list. Most of us spend almost all of our leisure time watching TV. While we may like to think that television is just a means of entertainment, studies have proven that it not only influences the way we think and behave but is actually a controlling medium. This means that we are not able to make judgments or decisions about what we hear or see on TV and our brain readily accepts and absorbs whatever content we expose ourselves to. It has been proven that the effects of television on our brain are very similar to hypnosis. Reports even suggest that it only takes 30 seconds for our brain to absorb and be transfixed by what we are watching on TV. However shocking the revelations may be, there is no denying the fact that television has become an inseparable part of our lives. How profound are the effects of television and how has television influenced our lives? Team Melange asks. Read on to know what people have to say.

Afroza Khaliq
Television has a great impact on today's generation. Earlier having free time meant nourishing your hobbies but today all children do is watch TV. Our children are greatly influenced by the programs they watch.
—— Afroza Khaliq , Govt. Employee
Aliza Ali
It all comes down to what we expose ourselves to. If we only watch violent and vulgar programs, they will definitely have an unhealthy effect on our mind. But if we watch informative programs, television will enhance our knowledge and understanding.
—— Aliza Ali, Private Employee
 Azaad Ahmad
Even though we can’t completely stop watching television, we should definitely limit the time we spend watching it. Long hours of TV can lead to many health problems like eye defects in small children. long hours of TV also has a very negative impact on women’s psyche as most of the soap operas take them on an emotional roller coaster. This not only drains them emotionally but also causes unnecessary stress.
——  Azaad Ahmad, Businessman
Ambreen Qadir
Television is both our friend as well as a foe. While it provides us information on one hand, it also spreads evils. Watching television influences not only how we present ourselves, it also influences our thinking and our behavior.
—— Ambreen Qadir, UG Student
 Yasir Zahoor
Whether we like it or not, television has become a vital part of our lives today. One can no longer imagine life without TV. But we shouldn’t get carried away. We should make judicious use of TV and use it as a learning tool.
——  Yasir Zahoor , Doctor
Hurain Jan
Television plays an important role in our day to day life. We are able to stay updated about current affairs with the help of various news channels. There are also many educational and motivational programs available.
—— Hurain Jan , M.COM Student
Noor Mohammad
In today's era, parents let the children dictate and decide what they want to watch. This is not good. Parents shouldn’t give their kids unlimited access to television. They should fix the number of hours their kids can watch TV for and also the programs they can watch.
—— Noor Mohammad , Accountant
Rameez Khuroo
Today’s children are addicted to cartoons. They spend their entire day in front of the TV, watching their favorite cartoon shows. The results are obesity, decreased eye power etc. We should encourage our children to play more outdoor games rather than spend their entire childhood watching TV.
—— Rameez Khuroo , Lecturer
Suhail Ahmad
Television not only influences people but also influences the society. It influences the way we interact and behave with each other. But the most important effect is on our brain. It interferes with the development of intelligence, thinking skills and imagination. 
—— Suhail Ahmad , Businessman
Tamseel Farooq
Gate keeping is very important. If we allow our children to watch unlimited television, they will obviously be exposed to negative content besides the obvious effects on their health. We should use television to increase and improve their knowledge. We should encourage them to watch channels like National Geographic, Discovery etc.
—— Tamseel Farooq , Employee, IBM
Qayoom Ahmad
Television plays a very important role in our society. It is true that television has allowed us to travel the world but it has also degraded our morals. Exposure to inappropriate content has changed the thinking of our youth. Television has led to an increase in violence and crime.
—— Qayoom Ahmad , Contractor
Television is our primary source of entertainment. Watching TV after a long and tiring day is always refreshing. But excess of everything is bad. Today there is a lot of obscenity on TV. One can no longer watch any show or even news with one’s family, thanks to obscene advertisements and scenes.
—— Waseema Khalid , PhD Scholar
There are obviously many adverse effects of TV. Shows like Big Boss, Emotional Attyachar etc. exploit and mislead us. Exposing our children to inappropriate content can have far reaching consequences. We need to closely monitor what we are exposing our children to.
—— Rutba Amin , Private Employee
It depends on what we use television for. TV can be a very effective medium of information but only when it is put to the right use. We can even receive live updates from every corner of the world through television.
—— Auroosa Lone , Teacher

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