By Insha Farid

In today’s digital age, it comes as no surprise that kids learn to use technology before they even learn to walk properly. Today’s generation is exposed to technology from a very young age. In fact most parents today use some form of technology to pacify their children. We have six year olds using laptops and I-pads and 10 year olds using social media. Children today spend a better part of their childhood behind laptop or TV screens either playing online games, watching movies or surfing the net. While technology has made our lives easier, experts are concerned that too much exposure to technology is having a negative effect on our kids’ physical as well as intellectual development. They feel that exposing our kids to technology at a tender age discourages them to think and suppresses their creativity. It makes them rely on technology even for basic stuff. So, how much is too much? Do people of Kashmir agree that our kids are addicted to technology or has using technology become a necessity? Is exposing our kids to technology early on really bad for their development? Team KO asks. Read on to know what people feel.