Technology Obsession-How Much is Too Much?

By Insha Farid

In today’s digital age, it comes as no surprise that kids learn to use technology before they even learn to walk properly. Today’s generation is exposed to technology from a very young age. In fact most parents today use some form of technology to pacify their children. We have six year olds using laptops and I-pads and 10 year olds using social media. Children today spend a better part of their childhood behind laptop or TV screens either playing online games, watching movies or surfing the net. While technology has made our lives easier, experts are concerned that too much exposure to technology is having a negative effect on our kids’ physical as well as intellectual development. They feel that exposing our kids to technology at a tender age discourages them to think and suppresses their creativity. It makes them rely on technology even for basic stuff. So, how much is too much? Do people of Kashmir agree that our kids are addicted to technology or has using technology become a necessity? Is exposing our kids to technology early on really bad for their development? Team KO asks. Read on to know what people feel.

Zaid Bhat
I love spending my free time playing on my Play Station. Spending time with family is important but it is not necessary to spend all your time with family. Everyone has certain hobbies that they like to pursue in their spare time. Playing a game or two everyday doesn’t make me addicted to gaming.
—— Zaid Bhat , Grade10th Student
Bihisht Khanday
Students today don’t even have time to spare for their families. School, tuitions and tons of homework take up all our time. I am always busy either with my homework or with exams so, I don’t have any spare time. With a schedule like mine, it is very difficult to send time playing online games or chatting with friends on social media. I hardly even watch TV.
—— Bihisht Khanday, Grade 7th student
Aijaz Kaloo
We are undoubtedly becoming more and more attached to our cell phones. It isn’t because we are addicted to them, it is mostly because smart phones are developed in such a way that they cater to most of our needs. They have replaced our phonebooks, personal diaries, maps, alarm clocks and even music systems. My daughter’s hobby is painting and instead of getting her hands messy with paint, she conveniently uses a painting app on my I-pad to paint. She is able to enjoy her painting without having to worry about cleaning the tools for hours afterwards.
—— Aijaz Kaloo, Lecturer
Shaiq Marazi
I use technology frequently. I am constantly browsing on the internet but it isn’t because I am obsessed. Internet helps me a lot in my studies. There are amazing tutorials available on YouTube which explain some difficult concepts very well. Online exercises help me evaluate myself. Technology has proven to be a boon for everyone. My mother watches so many self-help videos. She enjoys not having to ask me for help for every little thing.
—— Shaiq Marazi , 11th grade Student
Farooq Shah
Today’s kids are addicted to mobile phones. They spend most of their time watching movies or surfing the net. No doubt being well versed with technology is a must in today’s age but they are becoming completely dependent on it. Too much of everything is bad. Kids are wasting their precious time. They are always on Facebook or twitter or God knows what other social media sites there are. It is unhealthy and not to mention highly irritating.
—— Farooq Shah , Businessman
Ghulam Nabi
Technology has become a part and parcel of our life. If you don’t have access to the internet, you miss a million opportunities. Nowadays, everything is done using the internet. Days of pen and paper are long gone.
—— Ghulam Nabi , Govt. Employee
Umar Farooq
My phone doesn’t only allow me access to my friends and family. It functions as my dictionary, calculator, watch and even my alarm clock. I use my phone from keeping track of my expenses to checking the temperature. I wouldn’t say that I am obsessed but I definitely rely on my phone and by it technology, a lot.
—— Umar Farooq , 12th standard Student
Mahir Ahmad
Smartphones keep us connected to our loved ones. They offer easy access to the depths of human knowledge and the delights of our creativity. They entertain us when we are bored. They guide us when we are lost. Life today is incomplete without smartphones or technology. We have become completely dependent on technology.
—— Mahir Ahmad , Private Employee
Javid Dar
Most teenagers struggle with their identity and social status. They are driven by a compulsive need to be accepted socially. Using social media and other digital tools not only helps them widen their social circle, it allows them to do so in an organised manner. Using technology also provides a symbol of acceptance.
—— Javid Dar , Govt. Employee
Majeed Rather
In today’s digital age, it is almost impossible to avoid using the internet or a smartphone. You definitely need to use technology to function in the modern world. If you shun technology, you will feel alienated and won’t be able to keep pace with the fast changing world. Technology has become as important as food nowadays.
—— Majeed Rather , Govt. Employee
Firdous Ahmad
I have an 8 year old and he is more at ease with technology than I ever will be. He can operate my mobile phone and I-pad much better than me. Today’s generation is surrounded by technology. They are being brought up in a digital age. It is only naturally that they will be frequent users of technology.
—— Firdous Ahmad, Govt. Employee
Most people habitually use their phones a lot. It isn’t addiction, it is just that they have become an important part of our lives. It is hard to imagine life without technology. We have been brought up using technology. It is impossible for us to shun technology.
——  Tahseena Sajad , MBBS Student
Smart phones have enhanced our capabilities in amazing ways. They are addictive because they are so useful. They keep us connected with others. We use technology for almost everything today. Every one of us uses various technological tools like washing machines, vacuums etc. every single day. If we don’t label using these gadgets as addiction, why do we label using mobile phones as addiction?
—— Ziya Ali , 12th Class Student
I am certain that smart phones were only created to make people dumb. We rely on smartphones for almost everything. It is true that our phones are getting smarter and slimmer but we are getting dumber and fatter. Our kids hardly go out to play. Their entire social interaction is restricted to their laptop and mobile screens.
—— Rabi Rather, Private Employee

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