By Insha Farid

The return of Kashmiri Pandits has been a topic of debate for long. Be it a common man or a political leader or even a separatist leader, every Kashmiri agrees that the valley of Kashmir belong as much to the Kashmiri Pandits as it does to the Kashmiri Muslims. The PDP-BJP government’s reported move to create separate townships for the displaced Pandits in the Valley has been met with a lot of criticism and opposition from various quarters of the valley. While the opposition parties are terming it as ghettoisation of Kashmir, the separatists are labelling it as a means of creating a communal divide in the society. How do the common people feel about the issue? Do they feel that separate townships for Pandits will only disrupt the peace and harmony in our society or do they feel that they are necessary for the rehabilitation of those Pandits who have sold off all their property? Also, how do our Pandit brethren feel about living in separate townships? Team KO asks. Here are a few answers.