By Auqib Javeed / Muntazir Yaseen

Kashmiris are no strangers to pain and agony. In fact being inhabitants of a conflict zone, tragedy, horror and agony are a daily part of our lives as are protests, which as per the Constitution of India is every citizen’s right. But for Kashmiris, this right has proven to be a harbinger of death and ‘Non-lethal’ weapons have proven to be far more dangerous than actual bullets and bombs. The use of pellet guns which was employed by the State as a part of riot control gear has wounded, blinded and killed scores of youth. In last week alone, at least 1200 youth have been victims of these so called Non-lethal weapons, their lives changed forever. Team KO went to SMHS hospital today and spoke to a few of these victims, especially ones hit in the eyes. Read on to find out about their tales of horror.