Is Our Educational-System Making Us More Dependent Rather than Teaching Us to-Be-Independent?

By Asiya Raheem

If there is one thing we all agree on, it is the importance of education. It has been rightly said that education can make or break a man. If a person doesn’t receive the right kind of education, it does him no good. Instead of enabling him, it ends up making him more dependent than ever. The biggest concern of our society today is unemployment. We have lakhs of educated youth sitting at home, jobless. Education which was believed to be the answer to all our problems, seems to be only increasing them. Why is our educational system instead of enabling us, making us more dependent than ever? Are we getting the right kind of education or are we only generating literates? Is there a need to reform our educational system? Team KO asks. Here is what a few people have to say. 

Miss Nida
We have so many graduates and degree holders but we lack the necessary skill. Our educational institutes only focus on imparting bookish knowledge. Our educational system has been developed as such that we only become literates not educationists. We pass exams after exams without having any idea about what we are studying. All we do is cram up concepts after concepts. Our educational system is in an immediate need of reform.
—— Miss Nida , MBA Student
Akash Haroon
Right from our primary classes, we are taught that we need to acquire a good education so that we can secure a government job. There is no emphasis on self- employment. Our educational institutes do make us literates but what they don’t instill in us is a sense of curiosity. We are never encouraged to question. In fact, we are actually asked to accept and absorb what we are being taught without even doubting it. Our private sector is the least developed because it has no takers. Even if a person is interested in doing something on his or her own, the society keeps discouraging them.
—— Akash Haroon , Entrepreneur
Safrina Jan
There is a mismatch between what we are taught in the classroom and what is actually required in the field. We are being taught about things and concepts which have no importance in real life. Our curriculum is completely based on theoretical concepts.
—— Safrina Jan , PG Student
Talib Irshad
Students should be given career counselling classes from the very beginning. Instead, all we ever learn in schools and colleges is how to pass in exams. Our curriculum is not at all job oriented.
—— Talib Irshad , MBA Student
Waheed Ahmad
Unemployment needs to be tackled wisely and systematically. We need to reform our educational setup and develop it in such a way that we generate able individuals who can not only sustain themselves but also generate employment.
—— Waheed Ahmad , Private Employee
Asif Sheikh
Our educational system is at fault. We have thousands and thousands of graduates and degree holders sitting at home. Even our elite institutes follow the same ancient model of teaching. We don’t encourage our students to be inquisitive and raise questions. Even if a student does dare to ask questions, he or she is labelled as disrespectful.
—— Asif Sheikh, PhD Scholar
Nazafat Khuroo
Today having a mere degree is not enough. Competition is increasing day by day. We have hundreds of candidates competing for a single job. It doesn’t matter how educated you are and how many degrees you hold. Today, if you don’t have the right amount of skill, you are not eligible for a job.
—— Nazafat Khuroo , PG Student
Shyaan Ahmad
The students are given a "syllabus" to study and they are trained to follow that "syllabus" no matter what. We don’t encourage our children to explore the world beyond books. We restrict their knowledge to the pages of a book. Our educational system has been developed as such that it makes it easy to mug up concepts rather than encourage them to learn.
—— Shyaan Ahmad , PG Student
Adeel Khan
Our colleges and universities don’t just lack in infrastructure, they also lack in quality teaching. Teaching shouldn’t just be restricted to books. It should help in overall personality development. It should impart us with a practical knowledge which will help us to survive in this world.
—— Adeel Khan , Private Employee
The biggest setback of our educational system is that it doesn’t nurture creativity. We are never encouraged to pursue our dreams or polish our talents. We are only taught to cram and pass exams. A journey which begins on a wrong road can never end on the right path
—— Najeeb Khan , Private Employee
Education shouldn’t be restricted to books only. Education should teach us how to survive in the real life. It should teach us to be self-sufficient. It should enable us to generate employment and give back to the society rather than become further dependent on it for employment. Our educational setup is one of the main causes of unemployment.
——  Shaista Bhat , Homemaker
We have a lot of challenges that we need to overcome. Decades of turmoil have robbed us of many things but of all the effected things, our educational sector has been hit the most. Our youth are forced to look outside the valley for jobs and even for quality education.
—— Mohammad Tajamul, Entrepreneur
It is our lack luster attitude which is responsible for the increasing unemployment. Our youth aren’t motivated enough to work hard. They take everything non-seriously. All our youth want to do is to enjoy. They don’t want to shoulder any responsibilities.
—— Mohammad Touseef , Govt. Employee
We need to have events and awareness programmes so that our youth are motivated to think out of the box. We need to encourage the youth to pursue their dreams and not just restrict them to finding a government job.
—— Tabasum Hafeez , Law Student

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