By Insha Farid

Gone are the days when news meant watching a single news channel or reading a single newspaper. Today, we have a huge variety of newspapers as well as news channels to choose from. We have the freedom to decide what we want to know and how much we want to know. Many people are calling this era as the best era to live in. They say that we have never been as aware about what is happenings around the world as we are today. Today’s era is referred to as the era of information. We have information coming at us from all sources. News today is not only restricted to what is happening in our community. Instead we have all the information about what is happening around the whole wide world available at a single click. But which news is more significant? Is it our local news which tells us what is happening in our community or is it the international news which tells us what is happening at the global level? In today’s fast paced world, how important is it for a person to be well versed with everything? Team KO asks. Here is what a few denizens have to say.