How Happy Are Our Women with An Exclusive Bus service?

By Insha Farid

Ask a man what he wants from public transport, his only answer will be efficiency but ask the same to a women, her only answer will be safety.  Be it a school going girl, a working lady or a housewife, every single one of them has had to face harassment at some point in their lives. Increasing incidents of eve teasing and harassment in local buses, had made travelling a literal nightmare for women. Many women had become hesitant to step out of their homes from the fear of being harassed. However, the Government’s decision to start an exclusive bus service for women has brought some cheer to them. This move has been welcomed by one and all. Many people have not only appreciated the move but have also encouraged the authorities to increase the number of these buses. How do the women folk feel about an exclusive bus service? Has the bus service ended their travelling woes? Team KO asked a few women. Here is what they had to say.

Farah Subhan
This is the first time I am travelling by this bus. I enjoyed the journey immensely. It doesn't even feel like travelling in a public bus. I appeal to the government to introduce these buses on all routes across the city. It is a big relief for us as it means we no longer have to face harassment on a daily basis.
—— Farah Subhan , Private Employee
Mrs. Maroofa
Travelling in a regular bus felt like going to war. It used to be my worst nightmare. Every day I had to push and shove people so that I could make a little space for myself. It is a very good initiative by the Government. The authorities should ensure that these buses ply regularly and on all routes.
—— Mrs. Maroofa , Govt. Employee
Nadia Hassan
It seems our prayers have finally been answered. I would really like to thank the honourable CM for coming up with this idea. Travelling in regular buses used to be so inconvenient for us but ever since this bus service was started, travelling has become a lot easier and comfortable.
—— Nadia Hassan , B.Ed. Student
Nazafat Khuroo
This special bus service has made my life very easy. I use it every single day to commute to work. I don’t have to dread travelling anymore. Instead I enjoy it now. The Government should start these buses on all routes.
—— Nazafat Khuroo, PG Student
Nida Sofi
Eve teasing and harassment in local buses has become a routine. Travelling had become a nightmare for me. I am glad that the authorities have started an all ladies exclusive bus service. It will put an end to the daily misery of hundreds of women.
—— Nida Sofi , PhD Scholar
Romana Rafiq
It was such a relief, getting onto a bus with no men. For once I didn’t have to worry about someone trying to touch me inappropriately or passing vulgar remarks. For the first time I could sit comfortably in a bus and enjoy the journey.
—— Romana Rafiq , B.Ed. Student
Safrina Jan
I am a frequent user of public transport as I have to go to the university every day. Travelling in local buses meant putting up with harassers and eve teasers on a regular basis. I really appreciate the government for putting an end to our travelling nightmares.
—— Safrina Jan, PG Student
Saima Bashir
Travelling in local buses used to be very uncomfortable. The local buses had become a safe haven for eve teasers. Women had to face numerous problems every day while travelling in these buses. An exclusive bus service for women is definitely a welcome move. I hope the bus service will continue without any hurdles.
—— Saima Bashir , Journalism Student
Tuba Lone
I want to live in a world where women can travel freely without any harassment. Harassment and eve teasing used to be a daily nightmare for me. I would really like to thank our CM for taking this important step for the safety and comfort of the women of Kashmir.
—— Tuba Lone , Polytechnic Student
 Ufaq Kirmani
These buses have made travelling comfortable and easy. I used to dread travelling. Every day I would face harassment in its worst form in these buses. The government should be lauded for their efforts. It has made travelling very easy for us.
——  Ufaq Kirmani, Private Employee
Every time a lady boards a local bus, all the males in the bus start ogling. Many even try to take advantage of the overcrowdedness and try to touch you inappropriately. But, thanks to the ladies special bus service, we no longer need to put up with all this.
—— Shafiya Rashid , Private Employee
Every time I boarded a local bus, I used to be scared to death because I had had some very unpleasant experiences in these buses in the past. But thanks to our thoughtful government, travelling is no longer the nightmare it used to be.
——  Saba Bhat , Teacher
I would always be surprised when someone said they enjoyed travelling. For me travelling meant tackling harassers and eve teasers. It meant constantly worrying about the guy sitting next to you. But since the start of an exclusive bus service for women, I came to know that travelling can be fun too. Travelling in these buses is truly a joyride.
—— Sheena Makhdoomi , Teacher
I used to cry every day when I got home because every single day some guy or the other would either say something inappropriate or try to touch me on pretext of being pushed due to overcrowding. It came to a point where I seriously contemplated leaving my studies because I just couldn’t handle the stress of travelling in these buses every day. But, thanks to the efforts of the Government, travelling has become very easy and comfortable.
—— Tawkeerah Sayeed , PG Student

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