By Asiya Raheem

Many Kashmiris reminiscence that the period in which Kashmir Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits lived together in harmony was a golden era. Our younger generation has been brought up hearing stories about how Muslims and Pandits shared each other’s joys and sorrows. How they were always there for each other in times of need and how they lived together as one happy family. Kashmir has lost much to the conflict and the saddest and the biggest loss has perhaps been the loss of harmony and unity between the two communities. Twenty six years after the Kashmir Pandits abandoned their homes and their land, a ray of home for their return has emerged. While the Muslim community has always maintained that the Kashmiri Pandits should return to their homes and live among them like they did before, a few of them are a bit apprehensive about their return. However the majority of the community has always wished to see the same peace, harmony and brotherhood return to Kashmir as used to be there in the pre-nineties. What would life be like if the Kashmiri Pandits do choose to return? How will their return change their lives as well as the lives of their Muslim brethren? How do Kashmiri people feel about their return? Team KO asks. Read on to find out what a few people have to say.