Hurriyat (G) criticizes Modi’s statement


Srinagar: – Hurriyat Conference (G) has strongly criticized the Indian Prime Minister’s statement wherein he has said that high participation in the recently held examination reflect youth’s resolve to the path of development. 

Hurriyat said that education has been the prime concern of our society and every parent want to give his wards the best possible education, even at the cost of their own comforts. No one can afford to keep his children away from the glory of education, which not only should help them to earn their livelihood but enlighten their mind and soul as well, enabling them to get to know the creature and the creator. 

In a statement issued to KNS, Hurriyat (G) said that we have a vast network of educational institutions testifying that our youth are hardworking, passionate and focused to get to the top on their own without the crutches to expedient their worth .they have touched new heights in every field and are determined to keep the pace in latest advancements but that doesn’t mean that they have lost or fogged their vision of basic rights. 

Hurriyat said that our educated youth are enthusiastic and zealous to portray the pain and agony on their own and let the whole world know about seeping wounds inflicted by armed and forces occupation.

Hurriyat said that conducting examinations was purely a mean and deceptive attempt to achieve the political gains and get the applause from the masters in Delhi but our youth faced the challenge bravely and courageously. Hurriyat said that if the authorities have ears and they are able to perceive the sound, students in more than clear words said that we are fed up with the political uncertainty looming for too long and can’t afford to lose our education every year. We are sick of shouldering our dear ones, we can’t bear the snobby cries of our injured, can’t afford our already fragile economy to be more dented further and crippled every year, can’t tolerate slaughtering our youth in educational institutions outside state and to end all this we collectively and wishfully want to settle the issue, put an end to the brazen and ruthless forced occupation.

Hurriyat (G) said that this slogan of freedom is echoing for the last five months in every nook and corner the valley but perpetrators only willfully see and glamorize the participants in examinations. They can’t take any notice of tens of deaths, thousands crippled, jailed, tortured, blinded and hunted in the dead of night. This is because the henchmen of the aggressor, takes credit for pseudo normalcy as they are chest thumbing to wove the majority vote bank on befitting endures of surgical strikes or demonization. Huriyat said that conditions and atmosphere in which the exams were conducted was itself a shame for the perpetuators as all the machinery, police, CRPF, Panches, Surpanches, ICDS workers paid volunteers had flooded the examination centers and after mock drill and bribe of 50% subsidy students were forced to comply. if doing so rewards them in power corridors of Delhi and cements their births for too long, they are grossly mistaken. Hurriyat said that we can never afford to forget the brutality of India and can’t even imagine to ignore the sacred blood of martyrs.

Commenting on the development issue Hurriyat once again Clearfield that we are fighting the Indian occupation and India has forced us to subjugation by snatching away our resources and till India vacates this land, there can’t be any development. Freedom and resistance is a part of our life and this sentiment is running through our bodies like blood.

Hurriyat Conference (G) said Indian stooges can’t continue with their sinful acts to be in power on our dead bodies .The day will come when they will have to surrender before our will and determination.


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