Cath Lab closes at 4 at SMHS Hospital


SRINAGAR: Attendants at SMHS hospital Srinagar on Thursday alleged that hospital authorities close the ‘cath’ lab at 4 in the evening on daily basis thus putting the lives of cardio patients at risk. Dozens of patients who arrive in the hospital for Cardiac Catheterization after 4 pm are being advised to visit some private clinics while hospital authorities didn’t give any reason of closure of the ‘cath lab’ after 4 pm. 

“A cardiac catheterization, also known as a "cath" or angiogram, is a test that determines if there are blockages in your heart arteries (coronary arteries).  Heart valve problems, overall heart function, and other congenital heart abnormalities are also appreciated on this test.  This test is performed by a specially trained cardiologist assisted by specially trained nursing and technical staff, and includes continuous ECG and blood pressure monitoring,” said a medico to news agency CNS adding that closure of the Lab has been putting the patients lives at risk.

“One of our relatives developed heart ailment and much to our shock and surprise, some medicos from SMHS hospital suggested us to visit a particular private hospital. When we asked the reason for the closure of the lab, they remained silent,” said an attendant alleging that medicos in the hospital do it intentionally to earn a commission from the private hospitals. 

“We appeal to the Health Minister to look into the problem as any patient with heart ailment may lose his life in case he visits SMHS hospital after 4 pm,” the attendants said. 

Minister for Health Bali Baghat said that it is a serious matter and he will ensure the Lab remains open for the patients. 

Medical Superintendent SMHS Hospital Dr Nazir Chowdary said that they call the staff and open up the lab when any cardio patient arrives in the hospital. (CNS)


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