Kargil Protests Israeli Presidents India Visit


KARGIL: Braving sub zero temperatures thousands of people took to streets in this Himalayan town to express their anger at the visit of Israeli President to India.

Thousands of people joined a massive procession under the banner of Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT)  following Friday prayers to protest the visit of president Reuven Rivlin to India. 




The protesters were raising slogans in solidarity with the people of Palestine besides chanting slogans like  “Reuven Rivlin Go Back”, “Down With Israel” , “Long Live Palestine” .

The protesters marched through Kargil main bazaar and culminated at Lal Chowk Kargil where the speakers addressed to the gathering

Speaking to the gathering MLA Kargil Asgar Karbalai said that it was "very unfortunate that the current government in India was shaking hands with a country which has a usurped Palestine". He further said, “our slogans today “Go Back Reuven Rivlin” means not to Palestine but to his own place from where he has came from”.




Karbalai also said that the people of Kargil have always stood by the oppressed nations of the world because that’s "the message of our religion".

Shiekh Hussain Lutfi, IKMT Chairman said in his address said that the country of Gandhi had always supported the Palestinian cause but "alas today a India welcomes a president who has a track record of blood bath in Gaza and terrorism in the world" .


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