Under PDP rule, officers narrate ordeals

Srinagar: A new hope had emerged among the people after PDP led BJP government took over the reins of power replacing the ‘incompetent regime of Omar Abdullah’, which faced frequent allegations of corruption and non-transparency.

Putting aside the current unrest and political issues, people were hopeful of better governance from the PDP as the party has taken a pledge to bring transparency and encourage honest officers and eradicate corruption.

But after almost two years in power, the tall claims of PDP seem to have started falling flat. Even in PDPs strong bastion south Kashmir, corruption and political interference is touching new heights and officers are reportedly being punished for not following “political dictates”.

In the last few months most of the officers have been twice and even thrice transferred not for being incapable, but not siding with the “influential political workers”.

It has been learnt from official sources in the Rural Development, where a number of Block Development Officers (BDO) faced ‘punishment transfers’ for different reasons, one officer was transferred for not signing some bills, which according the officer weren’t genuine.

The officer has been transferred to a far flung area of north Kashmir only because he refused to sign some bills of some PDP workers.

“Some PDP workers came up with bills of some construction works. I couldn’t find any work done, to which they said the work got washed away during the 2014 floods. There were no supportive documents in the department to support the genuineness of these bills,” he said.

Asked how he sees the PDP’s “slogan of change”, he said… “It is reflected everywhere. This government has no respect and encouragement for officers like me. I am not praising myself but I am just narrating my experience.”

Another officer says, “I am also paying the price for refusing to do some work which I didn’t find genuine. Journalists should dig such stories. There is much more to find out”.

Similarly, three other BDO’s from south Kashmir have also been transferred within ten days after they failed to side with the dictations of PDP workers.

“Everyday political workers come up with this and that thing to get their works done,” said an officer, adding, there was not such interference in the previous government.

“We are just like pawns of a chessboard. Wherever an ordinary PDP worker likes, can place us,” she said.

The officers said the situation is nothing different with their senior colleagues. “You must have yourself seen how officers are transferred every now and then. You will find most of the officers working under pressure, because no one wants frequent transfers.”

An officer of the rank of Deputy Director said he doesn’t know when and where he will be transferred. “I joined this new posting a month ago, but I am not sure what will happen with me in next one month. Ever since I joined I am sitting idle. There is not even an office boy in my official room. I fear to speak out because I know the consequences,” he said. (PTK)

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