How Triple Talaq is Used to Belittle Our Religion

        The basic principle of every law is to safeguard and protect the interest of the people at large. Almost every religion has its own laws, which govern and stipulate the relationship of every individual with the society. Some of these laws are so sacred that they are not to be subjected […]

History-Revisited:How Tughlaq’s currency change led to chaos in 14th century India

Since November 8, a crowd in rural Madhya Pradesh has looted a ration shop, people in long lines at banks and Automated Teller Machines in Delhi and elsewhere have broken into fisticuffs, parents do not have enough money to feed their children, patients cannot pay for their treatment, and farmers are unable to buy inputs to sow the next crop. These are just a few examples of […]

BATTERY DOWN:Why batteries have started catching fire so often

All our lives we have relied on batteries in everything from mobile phones and cars to hand torches, but confidence in the technology has deteriorated of late. Many airline passengers have had to surrender their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones in recent weeks because their batteries are considered a fire risk, while those left in baggage holds […]

Day 130: Shops shut, passenger vehicles back on Srinagar roads

SRINAGAR:Passenger vehicles Tuesday plied in the city for the first time in more than four months since the unrest began in Kashmir, which is gradually returning to normalcy.   The Class 10 annual board examinations started today, while those of Class 12 began yesterday, marking the first major educational activity in the Valley where schools […]