Letter from Brunei : Nationalism is the opium of people

 IT is said that Karl Marx is the most in­fluential socialist thinker to emerge in the 19th century. One of his famous quotes “religion is opium of the peo­ple” is often used to argue that religion is the problem for most of the trouble that we are facing in the world. However, it seems that patriotism/nationalism is the opium of people, and religion has always been used as a tool by supremacists to ignite pa­triotism in people. So there is an inherent link between the two.

Both science and religion agree that we are linked to each another. Natural re­sources on Earth were given to us by na­ture. The fight to acquire resources is not new, we have seen this throughout the his­tory. If we try to understand the reasons that lead to conflicts in societies we will often discover that the major problem lies in having a supremacist attitude, which is mainly fuelled by ego. And supremacists use nationalism to acquire power only to establish supremacism.

When we start to explore a particular religion in the present case say Islam we began to uncover that this religion says pray five times daily. Now, think over it. What will happen to God if you don’t? Nothing, absolutely nothing, so why is prayer important. Probably to keep one physically, and mentally fit. In that sense it is a physical and emotional exercise that keeps our system fit. Who will say these days that we don’t need exercise, and who will argue against having a healthy men­tal life? Same religion says be good to peo­ple, don’t lie, don’t cheat, etc etc. meaning that God wants us to love each other, and don’t harm people, particularly women, and children. It does not specify that only Muslims should be loved. Now, if we don’t follow God are we harming ourselves or God? Surely, we will harm ourselves, which indicates that God wants us to love each other so that we can spend our time peacefully on this planet Earth. So in my opinion Islam does not teach supremacy, in fact it works against it. And if any re­ligion works for it then such a religion should be questioned.

We have created nationalism to se­cure our so called nation from our own fellows in other nations. Everyone has its own nation! When we belong to the same mother, and we largely agree on that, then why do we need multiple na­tions? Why can’t people live in harmony with a single passport? Nah, we don’t, we will hate such a concept because it will jeopardize our so called security! I think the destroyer is nationalism. You are asked to love some piece of the land where you were born by mere chance. And now you are the custodial of that piece that was given to you by authori­ties on a piece of paper, and now that is your identity to show to the world that you are the proud citizen of that bit of the planet Earth, which is in-fact is not yours, ask a geologist he will tell you.

Nationalism comes from suprema­cists, and the ultimate goal is to control a particular portion of the universe (re­member it is not only Earth now!). They don’t belong to any people, they use tools like religion, cast, color, terrorism etc. to sanitize the ugliness of their inner thirst of supremacy. They will never stop. We have to understand their tactics to get this universe going. Otherwise we are at the brick of nuclear war, and that will destroy the life, and beauty of this planet that we have watered from decades of our hard-work.

The current warmongering in both Pakistani and Indian media is a clear indication of nationalism, and it will surely end at destruction, if not stopped right there. The bulk of media group are working to strengthen the idea of na­tionalism that mainly promotes hatred against another nation by using religion, and army personals corpse as symbols of patriotism. And those who question such media discourse, even if the facts are distorted, are branded antinational, and criminals in their own nation. Meaning that questioning anything that is been broadcasted by media is a sin, and should be severely punished. In India such peo­ple are asked to go to Pakistan!

I request to the sane people, which I believe constitutes most of Indian and Pakistani population, please stand united and voice together to establish a strong front to dismantle any ideology that divides people and creates war hys­teria. Both Indian and Pakistani politi­cal powers ought to acknowledge, and understand that war never was a solu­tion, and it never will be. Particularly when both the countries are military giants. One ought to sit together, dis­cuss, engage, and find a suitable solu­tion to all problems, and primarily to Kashmir problem. There is no alter­native to peace, and wars only bring blood, nothing else. We are witnessing it right now in Syria. India should have realized long back that by using force on Kashmiri population the quest for Azadi (freedom) movement in Kashmir has multiplied, and history stands wit­ness to this. What have they achieved in decades of war in Kashmir? The present crisis is nothing but a vicious cycle of eruptions that has been rotat­ing throughout the Kashmiri history. There is nothing greater than peace, and prosperity of life. India needs to be extremely careful, patient, and respon­sible for whatever actions they do in Jammu and Kashmir. Love will bring Kashmir closer not force.

Both Pakistan & India should equal­ly understand that a political problem should be fought with a sincere political motivation. Covert wars cannot bring peace, instead they will take us to dark ages for sure.
















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