Kerry threatens Russia with end to joint Syria diplomacy

WASHINGTON: Secretary of State John Kerry threatened on Wednesday to end all cooperation between the United States and Russia to stop Syria’s civil war, unless Russian and Syrian government attacks on Aleppo end. More than 250 people are believed to have been killed in the besieged city in the last week. Kerry’s warning came in a telephone call Wednesday to […]

US to send about 600 more troops to Iraq for Mosul offensive

ALBUQUERQUE: The United States is sending about 600 extra troops to Iraq to train local forces for an upcoming offensive on the militant Islamic State group’s stronghold of Mosul, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Wednesday. IS seized Mosul along with other areas in June 2014, but the country’s forces have since regained significant ground from […]

A dead-end scenario

After threatening to review the Indus Water Treaty, India has formally withdrawn from the SAARC summit in Pakistan along with Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan. The summit scheduled for November 9 and 10 is now likely to be postponed. New Delhi is also mulling withdrawal of the Most Favoured Nation status to Pakistan. More diplomatic measures […]

Not in India’s corner

  FOLLOWING the Uri terrorist attack, attention has turned to India-Pakistan tensions, with the government mulling over options. The government hopes to mobilise the international community to pile pressure on Pakistan and ‘isolate’ it as a state sponsoring terrorism. In reality, though, the crisis in J&K has only become more complicated. The diplomatic bid to […]

Water wars !

A day after urging a joint India-Pakistan war against poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and infant mortality, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi executed his latest about-turn by implicitly threatening to use water as a weapon against Pakistan — this in a region where great swathes of humanity eke out a subsistence living and are wholly dependent on […]

Suppression Only Generates Hatred

These days I wake up to the sound of Azadi slogans being raised in our streets. The shining sun doesn’t seep through the cracks in the curtains nowadays. Instead I wake up to a feeling of sadness and dread every morning. A few days back when I opened the window of my room, I saw […]

World of Islam Failing People of Syria

They claim to be leaders of that mystical concept with no basis in reality, the Ummah. Far from displaying the wisdom that should come with this pretended role, they have stoked the fires of conflict across an arc stretching from Libya to Yemen, with the Syrian civil war the starkest testimony of the fecklessness and […]

How science of biodegradability can help take a big-step towards a cleaner-India

Waste generated by modern society is one of the greatest problems of the 21st century. A 2014 Planning Commission report estimates that urban India generates around 60 million tons of waste. Most of this remains untreated and as India grows rapidly, the challenge of managing waste will only become more daunting. Waste can be broadly classified into […]

India Cancels Beating Retreat Ceremony at Wagah

NEW DELHI:Indian on Thursday cancelled the Border Security Forces’ (BSF) beating retreat ceremony at Wagah border on Thursday. The ceremony was scheduled to be held in the evening, however, media reports said that beating retreat ceremony was cancelled owing to reports of “surgical operations in PaK” by Indian army. The decision to this effect was […]

 Punjab Villages Near Border Evacuated

NEW DELHI:Villages in the state of Punjab which share or are within 10 km of the border with Pakistan are being evacuated, reported ANI on Thursday. Additional Border Security Forces (BSF) troops have been deployed in the region after the DGMO’s announcement, reports said .