Volleyball makes inroads in Kashmir as youth turn to ‘safer’-sport in Ramadan

It is no secret that football and cricket are the two most followed and played sport in Kashmir, but with Ramadan going on people have turned to a lesser fancied game Volleyball to keep themselves fit. With temperatures well over 30 degree Celsius and duration of fasting around 16 hours, it is difficult for youth […]

Address roots of new militancy

The government  Tuesday revealed that 145 militants were active in Kashmir out of which 91 are locals and 54 foreigners. The figures are eerily similar to 2015 when an almost identical number of the militants were active in Valley with a similar ratio between the local recruits and the foreigners.  One fact that stands out […]

4 clauses apart, New Industrial Policy is a mess

A Policy which addresses itself as Policy 2015 (instead of 2016) cannot be accepted with just 4 clauses changed. What Finance Minister has said is not acceptable.  The Industrial Policy needs complete revamp and not just four clauses. A policy which has numerous mistakes, technical errors, wrong interpretations and funny (read foolish) concepts is not […]

Mathematics now covers the full gamut of our lives

Mathematics, the queen of sciences, is a language of numbers. We come across numerous problems in which numbers and logistics plays an important role, every day. Knowingly or unknowingly, we use mathematics almost every single day. A good understanding of mathematics is essential to make sense of all the numbers and problems that life throws […]

India’s Born Again Nationalists

OUR nationalist icons are often dragged into current political debates, mostly by those who have little to do with them – or with their politics during the freedom struggle. Two of them, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Shaheed Bhagat Singh, have been invoked by the right wing political groups during the past two years. The […]

Genetically MODIfied Babies In Gujarat?

“If there are two daughters born in the home, and the third child born is also a daughter, then she is told, now I want a son, so get another wife. Even if the fault is with the man, the entire burden of the fault is on the woman’s head, and so our government and […]

Islam has ‘no place’ in my country, says next EU president

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico is one of the most outspoken European leaders on the subject of Muslim immigration and is also known to hold the Islamic faith in barefaced contempt. “Islam has no place in Slovakia,” Fico told reporters in May. Warning that “migrants change the character of our country,” Fico declared he wouldn’t […]

PLO slams Israel’s ‘brutal’ killing of Palestinian teen

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has condemned Israel’s killing of a Palestinian teenager in the occupied West Bank as a “brutal attack.”  Mahmoud Badran was shot and killed on Monday for allegedly throwing stones at moving vehicles between the villages of Beit Sira and Beit Ur in the West Bank. Several others were also wounded […]

Nod to oppression? UK military official visits Bahrain

The head of the British Armed Forces has visited Bahrain, in what has been denounced as London’s consent to Manama’s recently-intensified crackdown on the pro-democracy drive across the Persian Gulf island. General Sir Nicholas Houghton, Chief of Britain’s Defense Staff (CDS), arrived in Bahrain on Tuesday, only a day after the Bahraini regime stripped Sheikh […]

If we don’t stand together, we will lose together: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Muslims should unite and show to the West that they can fight terrorism and extremism on their own.  “In the Islamic world, we need to show how we can fight, by ourselves, the extremism and terrorism that has affected the Muslim world,” Zarif said in Paris on Tuesday […]

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