‘Pakistan’s nuclear programme has increased risk of conflict with India’

WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s “full spectrum deterrence” nuclear doctrine and increasing fissile production capability have increased the risk of a nuclear conflict with India, a congressional report has said amid Pakistan’s efforts to drum up support for its NSG membership bid. “Islamabad’s expansion of its nuclear arsenal, development of new types of nuclear weapons, and adoption of […]

Gulberg verdict:Sentence ‘too lenient’,will approach High Court,says SIT

Ahmedabad: Special Investigation Team (SIT) counsel in the 2002 Gulberg massacre case, R C Kodekar expressed dissatisfaction about court’s verdict in the case on Friday and announced to approach the High Court, as he felt the sentence was too “lenient”. Kodekar was upset especially after the court’s refusal to add “till death” clause in the […]

Russia: US strikes on Assad will plunge Mideast into chaos

Russia has warned against a call by US State Department officials for strikes against the Syrian government, saying Moscow is opposed to a military solution. The Kremlin said on Friday such a move would plunge the entire region into complete chaos.  Dozens of State Department officials have signed an internal document that calls for targeted […]

Israel to build underground wall beneath Gaza Strip: Report

Israel is planning to build a massive concrete wall which will extend both bellow and above the ground along the besieged Gaza Strip, an Israeli media report says.  According to a report by the Hebrew daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the barrier will extend several dozen meters below the ground and will also be present above […]

Iraqi troops retake govt. compound in center of Fallujah

Iraqi forces have retaken the main government compound in the center of Fallujah from Daesh militants, symbolizing government control of the city. A military statement said the federal police raised the Iraqi flag above the municipal building on Friday and were continuing to pursue Takfiri militants, who continued to hold other areas. The army’s advances […]

This guy saved 70 people in Orlando shootings.His name is Imran Yousuf

While one man went on a killing-spree at Orlando’s gay nightclub, there was another present that night who came to the rescue of the unsuspecting people and succeeded in saving dozens. Imran Yousuf, a bouncer at the Pulse nightclub, knew something was horribly wrong when he heard the crack of gunfire. A Marine, who had […]

Separate Settlements: A Divisive Politics

Diaspora, deracination, or displacement are chronicled civilisational processes and must not be confused as entirely new burgeoning political or cultural subjects. Sometimes galvanized by national economic catastrophes, sometimes by droughts and famines, sometimes by political instabilities and ‘culture wars’, sometimes by natural calamities, and sometimes by natural human hunger to trade or explore, these processes […]

Faithful obsessions !

Recently, while on a flight to Dubai, from where I was to take a connecting flight to Germany, I had a short but rather telling encounter with another passenger.  A group of three women and two men entered the plane. Two of the women were in black niqabs. Only their eyes could be seen. The […]

Religion as an enterprise

It was two years ago that I met M. Ikram Chaghatai for the first time in Lahore. He had just finished working on his most recent book in Urdu, the biography of Aloys Sprenger, and I was hoping to secure some copies and conduct an interview. Sprenger originally hailed from my native village in Austria […]

Are you lactose intolerant?

Do you experience bloating, intestinal cramps and excessive gas in your stomach often? This could be lactose insensitivity which is a very common reason for digestive problems. Lactose is a sugar found in milk and milk products. Lactose should be broken down in your upper intestine by the enzyme lactase. Most people in India have […]

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