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We are confronted with a host of issues of varying urgency and among these, although the system of social stratification similar to the caste system may not be immediately urgent but it surely calls for attention lest it tears the network of connectivity in our society beyond the signals of sense and rationality. The wise interpretations and arguments with references and examples are always invincible to raze the bogus philosophies to ground, but as the devil is fought either by the holy water or by the fire, I choose the later.

Unlike philosophers, we the physicists cannot afford to speak in air without defining at first the parameters of the problem with respect to a frame of reference which for the present purpose is the glorious Quran. It says in chapter 49 verse 13 that all mankind is from Adam who was not only the first man but also the first prophet. That way all of us (sinful or righteous) are paigambar zadey by default. Further in chapter 33 verse 40, it has been asserted that not only is Mohammad (PBUH) the seal of prophets but he is also not the father of any of the men. As the progeny is carried forward by sons who our beloved Prophet was purposely kept devoid of by the Almighty, one wonders who the self righteous peers claim their descent from. They forget to mention in their cherished lineages that the revered Makhdoom sahb was the son of a Rajput and Sheihkul Aaalam the descendent of maharaja Vikramjit. Those of them who owe their origin to Iranians should be reminded to further trace it to the Vedic Aryans. So there is no point in arguing the lineage as goes the saying, ‘ last year I was a julaha (weaver); this year a sheikh and next year if the harvest be good, I shall be a Sayyid’.

Contrary to the Quranic worldview, the institution of caste is vibrant among the Muslims in Kashmir. This is largely due to pretension of peers to superior learning or culture which according to them can only be inherited and not imbibed as they tend to preserve it through intra caste marriages and separate graveyards. On the one hand, their self invented eating practices of khnder, khatm, batt-traem, pachhwar, niyaz etc. have been eating into the very vitals of our society from ages and on the other hand they prohibit the people of taking non-veg for redressal of their worries. At this sheer hypocrisy, even Sheikhul Aalam could not do without a satire

Mallae hae daepzi moulae Rumi

natt malla deeshitt gachh parun istigafar

 By promoting the social stigmas and by propagating the myth of purity and pollution, the peers have lost the moral claim of being the the sons of the illustrious Makhdoom and Dastgeer in the same way as the son of the prophet Noah had ceased to belong to his father’s aal. Words cannot express the deep gratitude for their learned forefathers from elsewhere as also for the natives for working relentlessly to reform our beliefs and to remove our fears. They instructed the people to forsake the superstitions and opposed the reluctance to legitimate things such as not taking the meat or fish or not wearing a rich dress. Hridey Rishi ate meat under the influence of Makhdoom sahab, who also got build two mosques along the Bech-Nag and Nadi-hil rivers otherwise held sacred by the blasphemous. However as their great grandsons could not reflect the same zeal and zest, the new life to beliefs could not come to fruition. Even the scholars of other faiths such as Yoginder Sikand have asserted that the caste system in a previously pure uncontaminated Muslim society was due to the continued impact of the converts who remained more or less associated with their older beliefs and customs.

 It will not be out of context to relate the sense of superiority among the peers similar to that of the jews who would say, “the fire shall not touch us but for a few numbered days”. Their souls are solaced by the feeling of being a generation of prophets with one of them namely Jesus having already been resurrected for their sins. Without such a similar license of sense among peers, many of them would not have gone far to the wild acts of molestation in the veil of religion. Forget the miscreants, the irony is that even the well read of them notwithstanding their religious label or social decorum, did not hesitate in masterminding the various corruption scams. Even their religious sermons instead of deliberating upon the burning social issues, are infected either with the political motives or with the sectarian agenda. 

According to Einstein,” The world is a dangerous place to live not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. Therefore it is imperative especially upon the indifferent, although enlightened youth of these families to recall the mission of their revolutionary forefathers rather than trying to reconcile with the contrivances.


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