Donkey’s love on social media :The web we don’t want

When cricketer Younis Khan was building his career for Pakistan, his mother told him about donkey’s love.“What is the love of a donkey?” Khan recounted his mother as saying in an article in The Cricket Monthly. “When he falls in love, he starts kicking.”That was a long time ago. Khan’s mother, a simple woman from […]

Are robots taking our jobs?

If you put water on the stove and heat it up, it will at first just get hotter and hotter. You may then conclude that heating water results only in hotter water. But at some point everything changes – the water starts to boil, turning from hot liquid into steam. Physicists call this a “phase […]

After Masood Azhar,China cannot object visa to Dolkun Isa:RK Singh

New Delhi: With Beijing protesting India’s permission to a Germany-based Uyghur leader Dolkun Isa to visit Dharamsala later this month, former home secretary R.K. Singh on Saturday said China is in no position to object to Delhi’s move after they blocked a move by India to get Masood Azhar on the UN terrorist sanctions list.“China […]

Donald Trump uses Indian accent to mock call centre representative

Republican front-runner Donald Trump has come under fire yet again, for his attempt to use the Indian accent to mock a call centre representative in India.Trump, during his address to supporters at Delaware, explained that he pretended to call his credit card company ostensibly for assistance when the real motive was to inquire where its […]

University professor hacked to death in Bangladesh

NEW DELHI: A university professor on his way to work in northwestern Bangladesh was hacked to death on Saturday in an attack similar to other killings by suspected Muslim militants, police said.Professor A.F.M. Rezaul Karim Siddique was attacked on the way to the state-run university in Rajshahi city, where he taught English, deputy police commissioner […]

Noted Nepali journalist Kanak Mani Dixit arrested on corruption charges

Kathmandu: Kanak Mani Dixit, a well-known Nepalese journalist considered well-disposed towards India, was arrested by an anti-graft body in Nepal for allegedly misappropriating a huge amount of money by misusing his public post.Dixit, who is also a rights activist and the Chairman of Sajha Yatayat – the public transportation bus system in Nepal which serves […]

‘Attacked’ Indian horse buried with police honours

DEHRADUN: A horse was buried with “police honours” after dying from injuries suffered in an attack allegedly by an Indian politician, with his death triggering renewed outrage.The police horse, called Shaktiman, became the subject of a weeks-long row between rival political parties in India after his injured hind leg turned gangrenous and had to be […]

SpiceJet sacks pilot for locking himself in cockpit with an air hostess

New Delhi: SpiceJet showed pink slip to a pilot for allegedly harassing an air hostess aboard a Bangkok bound flight. The pilot allegedly locked himself inside the cockpit along with the air hostess and asked her to sit on his seat without any rhyme or reason on both legs of the international flight.The unwarranted conduct […]

London gets its first nudist-restaurant,has waiting list of more than 10,000

Nudists in London now have a place where they can eat out without compromising on their life choices. The city will have its very first ‘clothing-optional’ restaurant open as early as this June, reports The Independent. You know what’s even more interesting? The place actually has a Hindi name!The Buniyadi – named after the Hindi […]

Fully functional gold toilet to be installed at US museum

New York: An 18-karat solid gold toilet seat is set to be installed at a US museum bathroom and the ‘piece of art’ will not just be for viewing but could be used too.The Guggenheim Museum here will install the fully functional, 18-karat solid gold toilet by Maurizio Cattelan in one of its public bathroom […]

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