A Generation of Attention Seekers

Social Media has officially made us all attention seekers and there is no use denying it. There is always a Facebook post about anything and everything we ever do. Nothing is impossible anymore. Distances no longer matter. People sitting miles away from us are just a click away. The world seems to a shrunk in size. While life now is more convenient than ever before yet, sometimes it feels like today’s era is the worst time to be born in. Most of us today yearn to have been born in the same simple era our grandparents were. Everything was so simple then. No worries, no stress, No social Media. But was life really that simple back then or is it just a case of greener pastures?

These days everyone seems to be enjoying their lives in the most lavish way. Open your Facebook feed and every single one of your friends is either chilling at the best picnic spot, holidaying at an exotic location or attending someone’s birthday or marriage party. While you are sitting alone at home, college or office, still trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. The more you look at their pictures, the worse you feel about yourself. You think that they have really achieved something in life and are enjoying.  But you are this sad, unsuccessful person who is always lagging behind. Your self-esteem and confidence immediately takes a hit and you only become sadder. At times you even feel envious of these supposedly happy and successful friends of yours. But it is simply an illusion. After all nobody posts about their worries on social media. 

Social media is only about happy faces and proud achievements. It only attempts to impress by giving greater importance to things which are actually hardly important. It advocates a glamorous world which is far from reality. A girl has hundreds of friends, who like every picture she uploads or a guy has thousands of friends who comment on his every status. Yet, these people are alone in their battle of life. None of them can turn to any of these good pals of theirs in times of need. People virtually try so hard to show the world how happy they are. But, if you even for once really pay attention, you will realise how fake everything is. The smiling faces and the crazy adventures are nothing but a mere mirage. Their only aim is to prove that you are happy so that the world is envious of you. 

Today’s generation lives under a constant pressure to convince people through Facebook, twitter and Instagram that their lives are perfect. This is in fact practically next to impossible and every one of us knows that. Today, we are more concerned about display pictures, likes, comments and followers than our real lives which, we unfortunately are not living to the fullest since we all are too busy competing in a stupid rat race. We are witnessing a generation that seeks answers to everything in life on the internet. The sad part is that we even pray for the dead people on Internet. Take the example of the recent Lahore attacks. The entire social media read, “Please Pray for People Killed in Lahore”. Yet, how many of us, in reality, actually took time to pray for and mourn the loss of innocent lives?

We really should envy our previous generation. Their lives may not have been simple but they definitely were much than ours. We advocate forgiveness yet still carry grudges in our hearts. We advocate morals yet insult each other. When nothing goes right in our lives, we seek advice on social media, particularly from those who barely know us. We seek validation from those friends who couldn’t care less about knowing us and who themselves are stuck in this brutal circle of feeling better by getting likes and comments on social media. It does feel great when the picture you upload gets hundreds of likes and comments. It may even be comforting at times but soon it becomes an obsession and we begin relying on social media for support. In the process we neglect all those who really care about us. Frankly speaking, we are all sailing in the same boat, all equally pitiable and all equally scared to admit it. We are all living a lie, fooling each other and getting fooled by others. May we leave this virtual life and start living a real and happy one. May we do good for others as well as ourselves.


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