Quit smoking! Save Your life!


Smoking affects almost every organ of the body. Itaffects not only smokers but also the people around them. Recent studies have shown that tobacco is responsible for millions of deaths each year. Every cigarette you smokereduces a minute of your precious life. Every pack you buy warns you about cancer. Yet you keep puffing away those deadly smoke rings.  Why? The harsh truth-you are an addict. 

Why do people smoke?

People start smoking for a number of reasons. Majority of the people think that it will decrease their stress levels. Research has proven that smoking doesn’t actually calm you down. Instead,the nicotine present in cigarettes makes you feel stressed and anxious, so smoking only gives an illusion of calming you down. Young adolescents who start smoking due to peer pressure never intend to become smoke addicts but once they start, it becomes hard for them to stop. Since their bodies are not fully developed, smoking disrupts normal lung development in them. Young people who smoke are more likely to have depression or other psychological problems than non-smokers.

Smoking, which has become a fashion statement of sorts among teens, starts with a choice but ends with a lifelong addiction. A single cigarette contains about 4,000 chemicals, including carcinogens and many other toxic substances. Common cigarette ingredients include nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. Nicotine, which is highly addictive, gets smokers hooked onto the stuff. Like heroin or other addictive drugs, the body and mind quickly become used to the nicotine in cigarettes and a smoker only feels normal after smoking, just like a drug addict who can hardly function without his or her drugs.

How does this slow poison kill you?

Simply speaking, smoking affects almost every organ of the body.

The Heart:

The biggest risk factor for all heart diseases is smoking. It accelerates the process of fat deposition in the inner walls of arteries (atherosclerosis). It increases blood pressure and heart rate and also affects cholesterol levels and levels of fibrinogen, a blood-clotting material. This increases the risk of a blood clot that can lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

The Lungs:

Smoking destroys small hairs present in the upper part of our airway. In a normal person, these hairs protect lungs from germs, dust and other harmful entrants. When this natural cleaning system is damaged, germs, dust, smoke and other harmful chemicals enter the lungs causing infection, cough and lung cancer. The air sacs of lungs (alveoli) get permanently damaged causing difficulty in breathing. Lung cancer is the most common form of cancer caused by smoking. More than 80% of lung cancer cases are due to smoking.

The Digestive System: 

Smoking causes heart burn, delays healing of peptic ulcers, increases risk of crown’s disease and formation of gall stones. It affects the liver and also increases chances of stomach cancer.

The Legs:

Smoking affects blood vessels of the legs causing chronic pain. This may further progress and cause gangrene in toes and feet.

The Eyes:

The sensitive blood vessels of the eyes are easily damaged by smoking. This causes bloodshot like appearance and itching of eyes. In heavy smokers, it may lead to degeneration and loss of eyesight. Smokers are also at an increased risk of cataracts.

The Skin:

Due to smoking, the skin is deprived of oxygen and loses its texture. An average smoker looks 5 years older than a healthy non-smoker. The skin loses its healthy glow and takes on a yellowish-gray cast. More the cigarettes smoked, worse the skin will appear. Wrinkles also start appearing very quickly as smoking affects the elastic tissues of the skin.

The Reproductive system:

Smoking decreases fertility in both men and women. It can also cause erectile dysfunction. Smoking reduces sperm count and impairs sperm motility. Bothof these are reversed after smoking is quit.

Cancer and smoking-A sure marriage:

Smoking is the leading cause of cancers inlungs, larynx, oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus and bladder. Most ingredients found in cigarettes are carcinogens. Almost 87% of lung cancer deaths occurdue to smoking.

Hence quit smoking because it hasspeedy as well as long standing benefits for you and your loved ones. Don’t puff away your precious life. YOU ONLY GET ONE.




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