Mad, mad, mad world

GIVEN the state of turmoil through which much of the world seems currently to be passing, the news is inclined towards the grim. It isn’t often that consumers receive anything that even remotely resembles an invitation to smile. Some might have been tempted, though, to do precisely that when it was reported recently that villagers […]

Unearned suffering is redemptive

Isn’t it about time, ladies and gentlemen, the six and a half decades old dispute is put to an end? Isn’t it about time, the generations get an identity? Isn’t it about time, the oppressed people get reward for their suffering? Isn’t it about time, the orphans see the blood of their fathers being rendered […]

The mobile network is under attack – and no one knows exactly why

SENDING A SIGNAL Kashmir’s northern areas are facing a major breakdown of telecommunications after suspected militants asked mobile companies to end their operations and attacked people associated with mobile service providers. The process started on May 24, when two hand grenades were hurled at a mobile tower in Sopore. One grenade exploded but did not […]

This Kashmir-born disaster medical specialist is supporting world

Almost a decade back, when a Kashmir-born philanthropist slept amidst thousands of dead bodies during the Tsunami rescue operations in Indonesia in 2004, his resolve to make the world a better place strengthened further. Today, having served disaster-struck people in over 120 countries from varied faiths and beliefs, Dr Sohail Nasti often reiterates that ‘humanity […]

Modern Etiquette: Umbrellas, backpacks and selfie sticks

Consider the concept of private public space and you’ll get the idea. We might be in public, yet it’s important to remain cognizant of those around us In a perfect world, safety and good manners run a parallel course. Yet that is not today’s reality, especially when it comes to umbrellas, backpacks and selfie sticks. […]

Narcissist, insecure people post more on Facebook

It might come as little surprise that Facebook status updates reflect people’s personality traits. London – People who post Facebook status updates about their romantic partner are more likely to have low self-esteem, a new research has revealed. Users who brag about diets, exercise and accomplishments on the social networking site are typically narcissists, it […]

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