Saudis frustrated with Pakistan’s Yemen decision

Islamabad – Saudi Arabia is unhappy over Pakistan’s decision not to send troops and stay away from the raging conflict in Yemen, the Kingdom’s envoy here has said. Riyadh launched an offensive against Houthi rebels in March to restore the government of president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who fled the country in the face of […]

Saudi warplanes target Yemen TV station

SANAA: Saudi Warplanes have reportedly targeted the bureau of a major TV station in Yemen as Riyadh’s illegal aggression continues to take its toll on civilians. According to reports on Thursday, Saudi fighter jets targeted the office of the al-Masirah TV, a major broadcasting service run by the Ansarullah Houthi movement. The TV channel is […]

Iran warships at entrance to key Yemen strait

Tehran (AFP) – Two Iranian destroyers, sent to the Gulf of Aden to protect commercial ships, have reached the entrance of Bab el-Mandab, a strategic strait between Yemen and Djibouti, Iran’s navy said Thursday. In another sign of tensions between Gulf rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, the Saudi charge d’affaires was summoned to the […]

Qatar set to buy 36 Rafale warplanes from France

DOHA: Qatar is set to purchase 36 Rafale jet fighters from France’s leading arms maker, Dassault Aviation, under a multi-billion-dollar deal. The lucrative arms deal, which is due to be signed in the coming days, includes a firm order for 24 warplanes with an option on 12 more aircraft, sources close to the negotiations said […]

UN urges Israel to end Gaza blockade

NEW YORK: The United Nations special coordinator for the Middle East peace process has renewed calls on Israel to end its blockade on the Gaza Strip, which was hit by the Tel Aviv regime’s devastating military aggression last summer. “We in the United Nations, along with our partners in the international community, have a responsibility […]

Bahrain sentences man to death

MANAMA: A Bahraini man was sentenced to death on Wednesday for a bomb attack last year that killed a policemen, the state news agency reported. The BNA news agency quoted the Bahraini public prosecutor’s office as saying the High Criminal Court also sentenced 11 other suspects, most of them in absentia, in the same case […]

Sound from a mouse can give your cat a fit!

London: Sounds like crinkling of paper or plastic bags, clinking of coins or keys and even clicking of a computer mouse can trigger seizures in cats, says a new study. The syndrome has been termed feline audiogenic reflex seizures (FARS). Having received reports of seizures in cats, Mark Lowrie and Laurent Garosi from Davies Veterinary […]

Brother gets life term for murdering sister, pickling her head

Chen Chia-fu, 39, was arrested and later indicted on suspicion of murdering and dismembering his sister in 2012 for an insurance payout of around $200,000. TAIPEI: Taiwan’s top court on Thursday upheld a life sentence handed down to a man who murdered his sister and pickled her head in a gruesome crime that shocked the […]

How to meet a quake

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reflexes in rushing aid to quake-struck Nepal have been perfect. He knows about earthquakes from the time of the Bhuj tragedy, on January 26, 2001. He was not chief minister of Gujarat then, but he was on his way to assuming that office when Bhuj shook not just Gujarat but all […]

Significance of Ijtihad

Islam is based on three foundations: the Quran, the Prophet’s practice or Sunnah, and Ijtihad. These three sources can be explained in other words as ideology, application and reapplication respectively. The intellectual or ideological aspects of religion are discussed in the Quran. From the Sunnah we learn how the Prophet adopted Islamic teachings in his […]