Rohingya Muslims: Drawn to Despair

The continued torment that the Rohingya Muslims are facing in Myanmar has forced many of them to escape the country and try to seek asylum in nearby countries. Thousands of the victims have taken the sea route to move to safety. But even here they have found no takers and no country in the region […]

It’s No Collateral Damage

Erroneous belief that freedom fighters can do no wrong does more damage than good Last Saturday, a grenade attack by suspected militants in the busy Shopian market left at least fourteen civilians (including women and children) injured. Surprisingly, despite the inordinately high number of civilians being injured, this incident still did not make newspaper headlines. […]

Iran ship heads towards Red Sea amid fears of Yemen showdown

DUBAI/CAIRO (Reuters) – An Iranian cargo ship carrying relief supplies to wartorn Yemen is expected to cross into the Red Sea on Thursday amid fears of a showdown with Saudi-led forces enforcing restrictions on Yemeni ports. The approaching vessel threatens to broaden a regional confrontation over Yemen which  is under relentless aerial assault by Saudi […]

Shell kills teacher, wounds 23 students in Damascus school

BEIRUT (AP) — A mortar shelled smashed into an elementary school in an upscale neighborhood of the Syrian capital Wednesday, killing a female teacher and wounding 23 students, reports said. These reports said the shell fired by “terrorists” struck the Thaqafi school in the district of Malki, also causing damage to the school building. The […]

‘Arrested Safoora attack mastermind confesses to Sabeen Mahmud’s murder’

ISLAMABAD: A man arrested for the devastating attack on the bus carrying members of the Ismaili community in Karachi claimed on Wednesday that he killed T2F director Sabeen Mahmud, sources privy to the development told Express News. Gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead the director of the popular arts center, T2F, shortly after she had […]

Bay of Bengal migrant crisis: the boats and the numbers

BANGKOK: In the past 10 days, nearly 3,000 boatpeople from Myanmar and Bangladesh have been rescued or swum to shore in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Several thousand more are believed to be trapped on boats at sea with little food or water in a crisis sparked by smugglers abandoning their human cargo after a Thai […]

Pakistani imam jailed for five years for hate sermons

LAHORE: A court in Pakistan has jailed an Imam or prayer leader for five years for inciting hate against a rival sect, officials said Wednesday. Maulana Abubakar a prayer leader was arrested in February in Kasur district, Punjab, some 50 kilometres south of Lahore, for making a speech against the rival minority Shia sect, a […]

Indian mother seeks groom for son in first gay advert

MUMBAI: A mother has had her gay son’s matrimonial ad published in an Indian newspaper after three leading dailies refused – the first such advert published in a country where homosexuality is illegal. Padma Iyer placed the advert for her rights activist son Harish in the matrimonial pages of Mid-Day newspaper, the largest selling tabloid […]

Crop-loss Indian farmers sell their children to survive: authorities

The farmer from Mohanpura village in central India’s Madhya Pradesh state had seen unseasonably heavy rains and hailstorms destroy crop after crop, while he fell deeper into debt.    Finally, last August, with no way to feed his family, Singh felt he had only one choice: He sold his two sons to a shepherd for […]

Extrmist threat goes beyond Palmyra

The Islamic State forces continue to surround the ancient city of Palmyra, having fired a barrage of rockets on residential neighbourhoods in the Syrian city , killing five civilians including two children. Having pillaged, looted, destroyed and bulldozed their way through many parts of Iraq and Syria’s ancient heritage, the militants are now within marching […]

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