India’s Alto world’s best selling small car

NEW DELHI/ INDIA: The iconic Maruti Suzuki Alto regained the spot as the world’s best selling small car, and this notwithstanding the slowing down demand for automobile sector in India. Manufactured by India’s largest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki, the Alto has been the country’s favourite small car and has been the highest selling car domestically […]

Musharraf indicted in Akbar Bugti murder case

QUETTA: An anti-terrorism court on Wednesday framed charges against former military ruler Pervez Musharraf in the Nawab Akbar Bugti murder case. Former interior minister Aftab Ahmed Sherpao and Home Minister Shoab Ahmed Nausherwani who were present during the hearing did not plead guilty to the charges. The hearing of the Bugti murder case was adjourned […]

Iran Condemns New Charlie Hebdo Cover

TEHERAN: Iran has condemned the publication of a new cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) by Charlie Hebdo – the French satirical magazine – calling it ‘insulting’ and said publishing it was “extremely stupid”. The new issue’s cover “provokes the emotions of Muslims and hurts their feelings around the world, and could fan the flame […]

Over 100 bodies recovered from Ganges river

LUCKNOW: Authorities in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have began investigating how more than 100 bodies, many of them children, ended up floating in an offshoot of the Ganges River. The 102 bodies found floating near the village of Pariyar in the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh were too badly decomposed for […]

I am a Marxist, says Dalai Lama

KOLKATA: Describing himself as a Marxist, Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Tuesday said many Marxist leaders have now become capitalists in thinking.  “As far as social-economic theory is concerned, I am still a Marxist,” the spiritual leader said adding that he admires Marxism because of its focus on reducing gap between the rich […]

Imran Khan, wife booed as they visits Peshawar school

PESHAWAR: Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan was in for embarrassment as he was booed away by the parents of the 142 children massacred in the Army School in the northwestern Pakistan city of Peshawar as he made a visit there to express his condolences. Parents blocked Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party chief and his wife Reham Khan’s entry […]

AAP’s Ex-Muslim Face Shazia Ilmi May Join BJP

NEW DELHI: The former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Shazia Ilmi is likely to campaign for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015. There are speculations that former news anchor will contest assembly election from New Delhi constituency against AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal. However, the BJP or Ilmi herself did not react […]

Saudi Arabia beheads another Pakistani

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia on Wednesday beheaded yet another convicted Pakistani drug mule, bringing to nine the number of executions this year, according to an AFP tally. In Qatif near the Gulf coast, Mahmoud Massih Iqbal Massih was executed after having been convicted on charges of heroin trafficking, the ministry said. Saudi Arabia had executed 87 […]

Chinese woman cuts off husband’s genitals… twice

BEIJING: A Chinese woman cut off her husband’s penis as payback for an affair, and repeated the feat after the organ was sewn back on, Chinese media reported. Investigators determined that the appendage of a 32-year-old man surnamed Fan had “completely disappeared” following December attacks in the central province of Henan, government-owned media outlet HNR […]

Charlie Hebdo Sold Out, Selling for Thousands

PARIS, FRANCE: Copies of the latest edition of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which sold out within hours across France on Wednesday, are being offered on eBay for thousands of euros. A total of 700,000 issues of the magazine, which was the victim of a deadly killing a week ago, were distributed early Wednesday but […]

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