Israel mobilises extra troops as US rushes more ammunition

Gaza City – Israel mobilised 16,000 additional reservists Thursday to bolster forces fighting in Gaza as Washington gave its ally the go-ahead to raid stocks of emergency US weapons stored on Israeli soil. The call-up, which raised the total number of Israeli reservists to 86,000, came shortly after Washington said it had agreed to restock […]

Remove illegal loudspeakers at mosques, Hindu temples: Court

MUMBAI: In a landmark ruling, the Bombay high court on Wednesday ordered the police to remove loudspeakers from those mosques in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai that have not obtained required permissions for them from the authorities. But going beyond the complaint at hand about mosques crossing the decibel level, the division bench of Justices V […]

Hit by an e-rickshaw, child slips out of mother’s arms into pan of boiling oil

NEW DELHI: In a gory incident, a toddler reportedly slipped from his mother’s arms and fell into a cauldron of boiling oil outside a sweetmeat shop after the mother- Pinky was hit by an e-rickshaw in Trilokpuri, East Delhi, on Wednesday morning. The child, Dev, was first taken to Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, but as […]

Britain to test driverless cars in three cities

LONDON: British officials said driverless cars will be tested on roads in as many as three cities in a trial program to begin in January. Officials said on Wednesday the tests will last up to three years. Sensors and cameras will guide the cars. The plan will include two types of driverless technology. One places […]

Iran: The pillar of resistance

As the innocent civilians are ruthlessly massacred by the Israeli army in Gaza, Arab world makes only big noise over the aggression but practically is unable to take any action. Saudi Arabia remains subservient to Washington and its monarchs cannot take decision of their own without the consent of their masters. Saudi money amounting to […]

Indian Media under Pressure

With the NDA Govt led by the BJP having come to power in India in May, one can already see some changes not only in Indian polity, social fabric but also in Indian media. That BJP, a right wing party has its own peculiar agenda with regard to how it sees the minorities and other […]

This Eid Kashmiris move goalposts of resistance

SRINAGAR: The Eid festival in Kashmir is often marked by government blockades and separatist resolutions. This Eid, however, Kashmir resonates differently as Gaza in Palestine continues to bear the brunt of merciless Israeli aggression. The much touted parallels between Palestine and Kashmir may not hold ground yet the Palestinian conflict has finally infused an anti-West […]

Poverty forces shawl seller to own Pune blast

SRINAGAR: A debt-ridden shawl seller from Kashmir has traveled all the way to Bombay and feigned his confession before Mumbai Police, owing his hand behind July 10 blast in Pune, in order to earn money out of his “cooperation with the Police”,  reports Monday said.  “Over a week back, a 25-year-old youth from Srinagar travelled […]

Chinese troops enter Ladakh, burn Indian tents

NEW DELHI: Just weeks after India and China discussed their unresolved border issue during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first one-on-one meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the BRICS summit at Fortaleza in Brazil, Chinese soldiers have transgressed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) yet again. On 22 July, Chinese troops […]

Policeman commits suicide after killing 2 women

SRINAGAR: A policeman Monday shot dead two women and later on killed himself using his service rifle, police said. The killings took place early Monday at Kalakote in frontier Rajouri district. “A policeman during the night left the police station with his service weapon and entered into a nearby house, killing a woman and her […]

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