English Speaking Boys New Face of Kashmir Jihad

SRINAGAR: The twitter-happy, English speaking young men from various Kashmiri villages have disappeared over past months, triggering suspicions that they might have joined militant ranks. Media reports on Monday suggested a “new face of Kashmiri Jihad” was emerging and the death of militants during prolonged gunfights had been igniting a militant streak among certain sections […]

Cross-firing at LoC: Army

SRINAGAR: The army on Friday claimed to have foiled an infiltration bid in Balakote sector of Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir. Army officials said that a group of militants tried to intrude through Trikundi forests along the Line of Control (LoC) around 10:30 p.m last night “under the cover of Pakistan army firing.” “However, […]

‘Iraq crisis not a Shia-Sunni war’

TEHRAN: Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei has called the Iraq conflict a “showdown between humanity and barbarian savagery” and criticized Western media for portraying it as a war between Shias and Sunni Muslims. Outside powers have often exploited ethnic and religious divisions in Muslim states and “they dream of a war between Shias […]

Israel supports separation of Iraq Kurdistan

TEL AVIV: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has voiced support for the bifurcation of Iraq lending support to a separate Kurdistan. “We should … support the Kurdish aspiration for independence,” Reuters quoted Netanyahu as saying. He further noted that Iraqi Kurds deserve independence, saying Kurds “are a fighting people that has proved its political commitment, […]

SP leader held for ‘raising pro-Pakistan slogan’

LUCKNOW: A member of the Samajwadi Party (SP) in India was booked on Monday for raising pro-Pakistan slogans, reported Indian media. The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s (UP) Shamli district, where Mehmood Alam of SP was taken into custody. According to the local police, Alam was found drunk and extorting money from passers-by. “The […]

Will Modi abolish Planning Commission?

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi never had a high opinion of the Planning Commission, an institutional vestige of the country’s attempts to mimic the Soviet command economy during the infancy of its Independence more than half a century ago. As leader of the industrial powerhouse Gujarat, he stunned buttoned-down members of the commission last […]

McDonald’s told to pay up over mouse-tail burger

McDonald’s must pay a fine for selling a burger containing the tail of a mouse, a court in Chile has ruled. The appeals court in the city of Temuco upheld a ruling against the fast-food giant ordering it to pay two million pesos ($3,600) following the incident in June 2012, according to the court judgment […]

Facebook secretly manipulated moods of 700000 users

LONDON: Facebook secretly manipulated the feelings of 700,000 users to understand “emotional contagion” in a study that prompted anger and forced the social network giant on the defensive. For one week in 2012 — and without the explicit consent or knowledge of users — Facebook tampered with the algorithm used to place posts into their […]

Hindustaniyat: Pining for its Spirit

The study of languages is critical in understanding not just our past or the present, but what it holds for our futures. Tariq Rahman’s monograph explores the genesis of the Hindi/Urdu divide which continues to afflict linguistic tensions in the Subcontinent, an estrangement exacerbated by the last bloody Partition of the Subcontinent. Philology the precursor […]