Dreamers & Society

Dreamers live in the society, eat and drink of their share, talk to people, sit with them and do everything that others do. But Dreamers don’t consider all this important. For them socializing is just a small fragment of life. They call this world their home, but also have their place in another world; a world of their own. They have wings too, invisible to others. They fly off into their world often and there they find peace, solace and joy infinite. 

Though Dreamers socialize, they are innocent of the perils of association. They do not know of the evil that lies behind the facial façade. This ignorance brings them happiness. They do not plot against others and think nobody else would spin webs against them either. 

Dreamers are also selfish; they strive to find personal happiness and try to be happy in conditions where others do not find much peace. Some get inspired and follow suit, others become jealous and attract sorrow. For this, Seekers refuse to take blame and hence it is concluded that they are egoists. 

Dreamers also are believers, they believe in God so, they do nothing for the sake of others; they do it for God. They expect nothing in return for their work; no praise, no gain. Others take it as an offense and get hurt. 

Such optimists are busy learning new things and finding out more about the world. They find joy in the knowledge that the world is beautiful and strive to add their share of beauty to it. Whenever there is some new treasure of nature to be found, they are the first to reach there and they are the ones whose eyes sparkle the brightest.

Such Individuals are not rare, there is a Seeker in everyone. Some choose not to nurture this being inside them, while others live only to see this creature survive. They want to live their lives fully and completely and give others the space they need. Naturally they expect others to do the same for them. This is a mistake. They are trampled, tortured and humiliated.  It is because they are just not understood by others.  

Nonetheless, these First Handers, as Ayn Rand calls them, follow instinct, listen to their hearts and give it full reign. They adore nature and find solace in it. Every single created thing holds beauty and is a part of their soul.

You can find Dreamers singing in the rain or dancing near sea shores, you can find them plucking wild flowers, chasing butterflies or smiling at the sky. Normal people find this weird; they try to reason with them, they try to tell them how abnormal the Dreamers are. And in good faith try to teach these anomalous people how to fit in the society by following the footprints of others and how to blend in; they must walk on the street just as others do, wear the same kind of clothes, eat what others are eating and say things that people want to hear. Dreamers are naturally curious, so they find the logic unreasonable and refuse to obey.

This has it consequences. The society tries to suppress their free will, tries to see its face in the Dreamers’ eyes. This is virtually impossible as the later have nothing to offer back. Seekers are meant to be free, to be as different from the crowd as it is possible. The society takes this as a personal insult and tries to bend or break such individuals. There is just one thing that they forget.

‘Dreamers cannot be tamed’

Yet it wouldn’t be right to say that such people do not face any personal loss. The hostility is both bewildering and saddening. They are left wondering what the problem is and end up going around in circles.

But only those who exhibit enough courage to stand all the resistance and be themselves turn out to be victorious. This victory is not always in the form of material gain or fame. It is a more subtle form of victory- satisfaction which is more valuable than anything else in the world. It is what makes their silence heard, their rebellion against conventions successful. Many great men have suffered deeply at the hands of others; artists, scientists and thinkers alike. And yet one day they were given the respect they deserved. There are many who still are unsung, but if they have succeeded in fulfilling their own goals in life, nothing else matters.

Courage is all it takes to be you when you could easily pass for someone else, but by the end of the day, you can stand with your spine straight and face the world with dignity. Reputation is not the most important thing in the world, conscience is!

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