Facing an identity crisis-Tibetans of Kashmir

Syed Aqeel When man made borders had little significance Kashmiri merchants would travel across countries in Central Asia and beyond for trade. One of the favoured destination was Tibet, the Land of Lamas. By the time Kashmir’s borders with Tibet-Xinjiang region were sealed with the departure of British from undivided India, Kashmiris had left a […]

Dreamers & Society

Dreamers live in the society, eat and drink of their share, talk to people, sit with them and do everything that others do. But Dreamers don’t consider all this important. For them socializing is just a small fragment of life. They call this world their home, but also have their place in another world; a […]

No free lunch this

Pakistan’s economy has been tottering for quite a while now. Terrorism and sectarian violence which has been ripping apart the country, especially in the last one decade,  has not only created social and political instability in the country, but economic instability as well. Pakistan has often found itself at the mercy of the US to […]