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Keep a green tree alive in your heart and the singing bird will surely come

Life is a precious gift bestowed by The Almighty to humans, which is worth to be valued. It is a mixture of giggles and hick ups. Sometimes it mesmerises with unexpected surprises while other times, it shatters with setbacks. Humans are born with distinct capabilities which make them quite unique so far their personalities are concerned. Although they may encounter similar situation but the matter of fact that they have their own ways to deal with it, gives them an edge over others, with those having a positive attitude making their way quite easily than others. It is only their outlook and approach that makes them relatively different from one another and shapes their feelings and perception towards any problem. The matter how an individual reacts and responds to the circumstances he encounters, has a great influence on his mindset which ultimately decides his course of action and the results perceived thereafter. While encountering any tragic situation or circumstances that may leave humans wretched, they, though may try to be strong, but at times fail to resist themselves to the temptation, and succumb to the conditions, by taking an unnecessary course of action, that places them in far more devastating state. One among such acts is that of “suicide” which ceases the existence of an individual and is unfortunately on the rise in J&K. It seems that valuing the importance of life, which The Almighty has given, does not bother the people while resorting to such needless act. An individual often resorts to such acts when he is furious, angry, hurt and outraged. 

Due to modernisation, today’s life has become very fast and only few can keep their tempo with it. The rest who fail, get emotionally disturbed when they do not get what they expected or struggled for, in their life. This leads to disappointment which ultimately ends up with detrimental consequences, among which, suicide is the most dreadful one. Suicide, as known to all, is a cowardly act that individuals resort to, owing to their incapability to deal with any adverse situation. This is the worst ever thing that not only affects the individual who carries out this abominable act but also leaves his family in horrendous and awful state. The data from the WHO reveals that approximately one million people die by suicides each year which corresponds, to one death by suicide, every 40 seconds. In India alone the number of suicides over the decade (2001–2011) has recorded an increase of 25%– from 1, 08, 506 in 2001 to 1, 35, 585 in 2011. 

Owing to the cut throat competition, increased stress, social factors, unemployment, depression, urbanisation, financial problems, high expectation of parents from their children, love affairs, marital discord and frustration, the present generation is finding it difficult to struck a balance between their needs and resources. When we take a cursory look at our own state (J&K), one is shocked to see it among the list of states, where this detestable act is performed and that too with rising proportion. During last 22 years there has been a phenomenal increase in the suicide rate in Kashmir. The Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) recorded 248 suicides in 2010. In 2011, over 1000 suicides cases were registered with SKIMS and the SMHS hospital of Srinagar.

A survey conducted by India’s premier institute NIMHANS, Bangalore, in 1989 found that the rate of suicide was 0.5 per 100000 people, and when survey using the same tools was repeated in 2010, the rate of suicide was 15-20 per 100000.The suicidal rate in Jammu has also been mounting and has reached alarming proportions. As per the figures, in the year 2008-2009, 122 youth committed suicide, while in 2009-2010, 118 youth ended their life across the state. During 2011-12 about 220 cases of suicides were reported. Surprisingly most of the suicidal cases involve youngsters mostly in the age group of 17 – 28 which is a shocking revelation for the whole society. It not only reveals the failure of our efforts to provide people with meaningful existence but also highlights the necessity to adopt and implement such steps which could hinder this repulsive act as soon as possible.What is more worrisome is that the people who execute themselves, fail to understand the significance of miseries and troubles in one’s life, and thus, give up their struggle to make way that could lead them to live their desired life. Instead they commit suicide because of their belief that, it is the wisest way of getting freedom from miseries. Thereby neglecting what they say, that miseries are the best school where one can learn the beautiful ramifications of human life.

What leads people to take this extreme step that leaves them good for nothing and has social stigma attached with it? Why they give up this crucial race of life?  Is this the lack of confidence, determination, belief or support that they suffer from? Life is the second name for struggle and those who take this as a challenge always stay ahead of the pack. It does not matter how many times an individual fails and falls, but what is more important is the sincerity and dedication with which he backs his efforts and approaches towards his intended destination. Imbibing a positive attitude and eradicating the negative energy often helps one to build a momentum that even drives a shattered individual forward and helps him to realize the dream which he had aspired for long. Determined, optimistic, hopeful, confident, affirmative and constructive: all these traits are mandatory to be inculcated within, if one has to move forward in the face of setbacks. Social support system for youngsters needs to be encouraged so, that they might be able to put forward their views and get heard. This could be a useful step towards addressing their grievances and act accordingly to redress them. Furthermore one needs to be quite realistic in his approaches so, that he does not over burden himself/herself with such expectations that are far beyond his reach and demand such type of action that is either impossible for that individual or is prohibited by the law.

Addressing the causes of stress among the people which may be because of social or personal factors, could be quite supportive in the cause of eradicating this terrible act. In addition to it, making individuals realize the real virtues of life and standing upfront in case of miseries, could also act as a determent to this heinous act. Parents also need to play their part in this regard by inculcating proper moral values and endowing their children with the spirit of patience and perseverance which will definitely help them to survive even in adverse conditions. Family support to the person who is depressed could get him out of that melancholy and thus, make it easy for him to cope with the failure or disappointment he has encountered. Teachers and preachers who are the nation builders can play an active role in shaping the society by inculcating proper education and moral beliefs which would encourage all to behave rationally and provide a platform for them to put forward their opinions in a justifiable and ordered manner. They could also create a sense of self-help, self-confidence, self-belief, and support among individuals and make them ready to face any challenge boldly, gallantly, valiantly and courageously. An individual should be pragmatic, reasonable and practical in accepting things that even come as a surprise to him. He should be taught to utilize his potential and have firm faith that his life is not a burden but a blessing and the role that he is here to fulfill will be incomplete without his presence. Success is not important but what matters is the struggle which one makes to get his tasks accomplished. A person should learn the value of struggle and hard work and should discover his hidden talent and capabilities which could make way for him even in unpleasant times. Such a person would not be swayed by small things. If any person finds someone in a state of despondence, he must console him, and refrain from troubling him. We should spread hope among all and light a candle whenever there is obscurity, and make people realize the transient nature of the troubles and hardships of life. It is essential to remember that life though may bring distress but it does not mean that we should have the spirit of defeatism in us; rather we should confront it with optimism. Pessimism is not a solution to any problem. Have faith and work hard to attain what you have dreamt of, it will definitely be yours, provided you don’t give up. Let us realize the value of the God’s greatest gift (life) to us, and not let it go waste. Value your life for there is someone who cares for you more than he cares for himself, whose happiness resides in you and who always dreams for your well being.

As they say “Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect” so, it is we who have to turn our dreams into reality by our own efforts.

Author hails from Ghaziabad Anchidora Anantnag and can be reached at: [email protected]

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