Shia Genocide in Pakistan

Imagine a sight of a devastated father, sitting cross-legged on the road, in the dark and cold night, staring at the coffin of his only son, unmindful of the rain droplets mixing with copious tears, tricking down his sunken eyes. What must be going through his mind when he shoulders the coffin of his young […]

Municipal Measures

Just as the Power Development Department (PDD) has begun a publicity campaign for changing over to compact florescent lamps in government institutions to cut down on energy consumption, the Srinagar Municipal Corporation too needs to come out with advertisements aimed at arresting the city’s littering habits. The Corporation, however, should take care to use the […]

‘Guru’s Execution Symbolises Delhi’s Defeat In Kashmir’

SRINAGAR: The chairperson of the Kashmir Centre For Social and Developmental Studies (KCSDS), Prof Hameeda Nayeem, on Wednesday said that India had “redefined judicial norms” to execute Muhammad Afzal Guru as, according to her, it had not been able to prove him directly involved in the attack on the parliament. . She said that Guru, […]