PHQ orders transfer of 145 Inspectors


JAMMU:  Police Headquarters today issued transfer and adjustment orders of 196 Inspectors of Armed and Executive Police. The orders have been issued with immediate effect. The Inspectors transferred are S/Shri Abid Husain 3997/NGO,EXJ925587 from J/Zone to CID, Ajay Jamwal 3975/NGO,EXJ935635 from J/Zone to CID, Mohd Amin 4135/NGO,EXJ925963 from J/Zone to CID, Inderjeet Singh 3911/NGO ,EXJ936064 from J/Zone to PHQ, Paramvir Singh 4110/NGO,EXJ935551 from J/Zone to CID, Rajesh Sharma 3837/NGO,EXJ936112 from J/Zone to Security, Satpaul Modi 1416/NGO,EXJ826405 from J/Zone to CID, Tilak Raj Bardwaj 4390/NGO,EXJ955637 from J/Zone to Crime, Basanti Bhat 4366/NGO,EXJ955480 from J/Zone to Security, Farooq Ahmed 4429/NGO,EXJ956412 from J/Zone to Security, Mohd Showkat 4445/NGO,EXJ956269 from J/Zone to CID, Neeraj Bhagat 7195/NGO,EXJ007118 from J/Zone to Crime, Ravinder Singh 4744/NGO,EXJ966434 from J/Zone to SKPAU,Javid Akhter 5974/NGO,EXJ985731 from J/Zone to SKPAU, Arun Kotwal 7285/NGO,EXJ005624 from J/Zone to SKPAU, Mohd Arif, 7292/NGO,EXJ007123 from J/Zone to Crime, Naveen Angral 7284/NGO,EXJ006591 from J/Zone to CID, Kuldeep Khajouria 1445/NGO,EXJ825451 from J/Zone to Railway, Varinder Singh 4425/NGO,EXJ951897 from J/Zone to CID, Sameer Jeelani 7190/NGO,EXK005480 from J/Zone to Security, Bushan Singh  7271/NGO,EXJ006230 from J/Zone to CID, Niaz Ahmad  7232/NGO,EXJ005483 from J/Zone to Security, Sanjeev Andotra 7217/NGO,EXJ006540 from J/Zone to Security, Paramjeet Singh 7236/NGO,EXJ005489 from J/Zone to Crime, Ishfaq Aalam 4497/NGO,EXK955592 from K/Zone to Railway, Farooq Ahmed  967/NGO,EXK822367 from K/Zone to Railway, Zahoor Ahmed 4149/NGO,EXK931853 from K/Zone to Railway, Abdul Majid 6860/NGO,EXK842013 from K/Zone to CID, Muzaffer Hussain  944/NGO,EXK821881 from K/Zone to Security, Manzoor Ahmed 940/NGO,EXK822055 from K/Zone to Railway, Syed Hussain 820/NGO,EXK822446 from K/Zone to Railway, Mohd Yousuf  4493/NGO,EXK951275 from K/Zone to CID, Ravinder Paul Singh 7163/NGO,EXK002360 from K/Zone to CID, Shafkat Amin 4469/NGO,EXK951900 from K/Zone to Security, Ab Majid Makroo 4477/NGO,EXK952551 from K/Zone to Security, Lotus Rabgees 4536/NGO,EXK952602 from K/Zone to Railway, Gulshan Akhter 4463/NGO,EXK952706 from K/Zone to CID, Nisar Ahmad Hurra 4482/NGO,EXK952528 from K/Zone to Railway, Tserign Gurmeet 4538/NGO,EXK952749 from K/Zone to Security, Padma Durjee 4531/NGO,EXK956285 from K/Zone to Security, Mir Afaq Ahmad 4527/NGO,EXK952537 from K/Zone to Security, Sonam Wangchuk 5216/NGO,EXK741534 from K/Zone to CID, Mohammad Ayoub 3026/NGO,EXK901803 from K/Zone to Railway, Imtiyaz Aahmad 2067/NGO,EXK825637 from K/Zone to PTSM, Bharat Bhushan 1418/NGO,EXJ825800 from   CID to J/Zone, Zaffer Iqbal 1421/NGO,EXJ825463 from CID to Security, Bupinder Singh 4359/NGO,EXJ955473 from CID to Railway, Daljeet Singh 4407/NGO,EXJ956371 from CID to J/Zone, Rameshwar Dutt 4400/NGO,EXJ956274 from CID to J/Zone, Gurvinder Kour 3053/NGO,EXJ906065 from CID to J/Zone, Ravinder Singh 4036/NGO,EXJ905503 from CID to J/Zone, Surinder Kumar  946/NGO ,EXK825690 from CID to SKPAU, Bilal Ahmad 6300/NGO,EXK971262 from CID to K/Zone, Chimba Samstan, 3840/NGO,EXK932117 from CID to K/Zone, Mushtaq Ahmed 1923/NGO,EXK815616 from CID to K/Zone, Sonam Dorgey 3994/NGO,EXK932092 from CID to K/Zone, Munshi Gh Nabi 4495/NGO,EXK952501 from CID to K/Zone, Mir Gulzar Ahmad 4517/NGO,EXK952450 from CID to K/Zone, Sanjeev Sharma 4416/NGO,EXJ956370 from CID to J/Zone, Dalbir Kour 851/NGO,EXK952705 from CID to K/Zone, Mufti Ghulam Hassan 939/NGO,EXK822350 from CID to K/Zone, Masrat Akhter 4467/NGO,EXK956275 from CID to Security, Khalida Parveen 4520/NGO,EXK952684 from CID to K/Zone, Zakir Shaheen 4439/NGO,EXJ956114 from CID to J/Zone, Hari Singh 7288/NGO,EXJ005654 from CID to Traffic, Farooq Ahmed 1106/NGO,EXK822058 from Crime to SHRC, Gh. Hassan 3049/NGO,EXJ905683 from Crime to J/Zone, Tahir Kounsar 4131/NGO,EXK931984 from Crime to CID, Mohammad Ashraf 7311/NGO,EXK003362 from Crime to K/Zone, Ritish Samyal 3973/NGO,EXJ935550 from Security to J/Zone, Ashwani Kumar 7216/NGO,EXJ005602 from Security to Traffic, Tsewang Dorge 4534/NGO ,EXK952758 from Security to K/Zone, Sonam Angchuk 4535/NGO,EXK952734 from Security to K/Zone, Gh Ali 4532/NGO,EXK952757 from Security to K/Zone, Rakesh Kumar 7562/NGO,EXJ006589 from Security to J/Zone, Prabhu Diyal 7290/NGO,EXJ005661 from Security to Traffic, Imtiyaz Ahmad 5803//NGO,ARP985553 from Security to A/Zone, Gh Rasool 5850//NGO,ARP983056 from Security to A/Zone, Nazir Ahmad  4171/NGO,ARP825799 from Security to A/Zone, Indpaul Singh 8517/NGO,ARP997287 from Security to A/Zone, Farooq Ahmad 4515/NGO,EXK952531 from Security to K/Zone, Jigmat Durjey 5817/NGO,ARP983882 from Security to A/Zone(AWP), Ajay Anand 4133/NGO,ARP935794 from Security to A/Zone(AWP), Mehmood Abass 5802/NGO,ARP985687 from Security to A/Zone(AWP), Rukhsar Ahmad  4160/NGO,ARP931908 from Security 3rd to A/Zone, Liyaqat Ahmad Qadri 5024/NGO,ARP911401 from Security 3rd to A/Zone, Harvinder Singh 3521/NGO,ARP915538 from Security 4th to A/Zone, Khurshid Ahmad 2321/NGO,ARP801887 from Security 11th  to A/Zone, Ram Ji Dass 4041/NGO,EXJ906011 from SKPAU to J/Zone, Kulwant Singh 4487/NGO,EXK952675 from SKPAU to K/Zone, Munish Kumar 4428/NGO,EXJ955666 from SKPAU to Traffic, Champa Devi  4443/NGO,EXJ955635 from SKPAU to Traffic, Madan Lal 3077/NGO,EXJ901777 from SKPAU to J/Zone, Khudmukhtar Dev 4420/NGO,EXJ956479 from SKPAU to Traffic, Kulbir Singh 4397/NGO,EXJ956214 from SKPAU to Traffic, Sunmati Gupta 4749/NGO,EXJ976101 from SKPAU to J/Zone, Kamal Sangra 4414/NGO,EXJ955485 from CBI to Vigilance, Bashir Ahmad 5821/NGO,ARP985547 from SSG to A/Zone, Sanjeev Kumar 5871/NGO,ARP983931 from SSG to A/Zone, Mohd Farooq 5820/NGO,ARP985494 from SSG to A/Zone, Taran Singh 5810/NGO,ARP985549 from SSG to A/Zone (AWP), Neeraj Sharma 5863/NGO,ARP983602 from SSG to A/Zone (AWP), Sunil Kumar,ARP026190 from SSG to A/Zone (AWP), Anil Kumar,ARP026228 from SSG to A/Zone (AWP), Sarabjeet Singh 4403/NGO,EXJ956227 from PTS K to Traffic, Sanjay Gupta 4748/NGO,EXJ965453 from PTS K to J/Zone, Rajesh Jamwal 4363/NGO,EXJ956205 from PTS K to Traffic, Raj Kumar Koul 4376/NGO,EXJ955636 from Traffic to CID, Mohd Suliman   4496/NGO,EXK951252 from Traffic to CID, Gh. Jeelani 3050/NGO,EXK902000 from Traffic to Railway, Mohd Yaqoob 976/NGO ,EXK826452 from Traffic to Railway, Anita Chopra 3021/NGO,EXJ905770 from Traffic to Railway, Mohd Amin 4455/NGO,EXJ955639 from Traffic to Security, Raj Mohd 4399/NGO,EXJ956231 from Traffic to Security, Rajinder Kour 4369/NGO,EXJ955483 from Traffic to Security, Sanjay Kumar 4418/NGO,EXJ955708 from Traffic to SKPAU, Soma Ram Langeh 4371/NGO,EXJ955478 from Traffic to PTSK, Rohit Dev Singh 2922/NGO,EXJ905698 from Traffic to CID, Sanjeev Kumar 4375/NGO,EXJ956167 from Traffic to SHRC, Deepankar Singh 6314/NGO,EXJ955595 from Traffic to CID, Javid Iqbal 7300/NGO,EXJ005623 from Traffic to Crime, Ashwani Kumar 4412/NGO,EXJ956273 from Traffic to SKPAU, Anuroop Sharma 4121/NGO,EXJ922290 from PHQ to J/Zone, Raj Kumar 3839/NGO,EXJ935549 from Railway to J/Zone, Khalid Ahmed 840/NGO,EXK821997 from Railway to K/Zone, Usha Khar 3608/NGO,EXJ915464 from Railway to Traffic, Hafizullah 4470/NGO,EXK952272 from Railway to K/Zone, Rajinder Bardwaj 1306/NGO,EXJ825692 from Railway to Traffic, Rajesh Anand 4356/NGO,EXJ956527 from Railway to J/Zone, Bhagwant Singh 1044/NGO,EXK821706 from SHRC to K/Zone, Pawan Khajuria 1497/NGO,EXJ825762 from Vigilance to PTSK, Ab. Rahim 5016/NGO,ARP911972 from A/Zone to Security (11th  Bn), Ajay Bhat 6771/NGO,EXJ995534 from J/Zone to Security, Mohd Yousuf 4005/NGO,EXK901876 from K/Zone to Crime, Pankaj Sharma 5894/NGO,ARP984108 from A/Zone to Security(4th Bn ), Gh Jeelani 4506/NGO,EXK951964 from K/Zone to CID, Nazir Ahmed Latoo 4012/NGO,EXK901592 from K/Zone to CID, Neelofar Bashir 4102/NGO,EXK935634 from K/Zone to CID

Shiv Kumar 4417/NGO,EXJ955600 from CID to J/Zone, Sartaj Ahmad 5804/NGO, ARP981701 from A/Zone to Security (3rd Bn ), Anita Katal No.5855/NGO,ARP985670 from A/Zone to SKPAU(AWP), Showkat  Hussain 980/NGO,EXK821712 from K/Zone to CID, Ab Momin 7209/NGO,EXJ006648 from SKPAU to J/Zone, Sajid Mughal 7203/NGO,EXJ006640 from Railway to Traffic and Sunil Kumar 7230/NGO,EXJ007127 from STC Talwara to J/Zone

Similarly, the Inspectors recently promoted and adjusted in different wings of the Organization include S/Shri Anil Sharma 7291/NGO, EXJ005671 CID, Trilochan Singh 7543/NGO, EXJ005610, SKPAU Rajnish Slathia 7287/NGO, EXJ005618, CID, Mushfaiq  Ahmad Allaie 7153/NGO, EXK003376, CID Jatinder Vir Singh 7251/NGO, EXJ006220, J/Zone, Tasleem Ahmad 7135/NGO, EXK001779, K/Zone Kuldeep Krishan 7214/NGO, EXJ006534, J/Zone, Puspinder Singh 7261/NGO, EXJ007121, J/Zone Rajesh Khajuria 7319/NGO, EXJ006216, CID, Showkat Ahmad  7117/NGO, EXK001957, K/Zone Manjeet Singh 7213/NGO, EXJ006532, Crime, Vinod Ji Kumar Kakroo 7557/NGO, EXK003650, SSG Swarnjeet Singh 7218/NGO, EXJ007113, Security, Ajaz Hayder 7293/NGO, EXJ005669, Traffic Mohammad Saleem 7178/NGO, EXK002166, K/Zone, Paramjeet Singh 7255/NGO, EXJ006223, Crime Surinder Pal Singh 7297/NGO, EXJ005615, Railway, Sheikh Inam ul Assad 7126/NGO, EXK001427, K/Zone Latief Ahmad 7556/NGO, EXK001975, CID,  Rajesh  Kumar Sharma 7298/NGO, EXJ005620, Crime Irshad Ahmad Reshi 7169/NGO, EXK001962, K/Zone, Opinder Singh 7274/NGO, EXJ007129, Security Reyaz Ahmad 7550/NGO, EXK001426, SSG, Tariq Hussain 7132/NGO, EXJ007114, SKPAU Jatinder Raina 7252/NGO, EXJ006221, J/Zone, Udhay Shanker 7196/NGO, EXJ007124, Railway Ajay Singh 7256/NGO, EXJ006226, J/Zone, Vikram Sharma 7219/NGO, EXJ007126, Traffic Rakesh Singh 7316/NGO, EXJ006536, Crime, Deepak Pathania  7207/NGO, EXJ006642, J/Zone Kapil Gupta , EXJ041320, CID, Arun Singh , EXJ046179, CID, Vikas Malhotra , EXJ046183, CID Naveen Sharma, EXJ007237, CID, Manpreet Singh , EXJ046192, CID, Sajad Ahmad 7122/NGO, EXK002358, Traffic, Mohsin Ahmad  7139/NGO, EXK002332, CID, Kessar Singh 7234/NGO, EXJ007122, CID, Abid Hussain 7199/NGO, EXJ006647, Crime, Punjab Singh  7317/NGO, EXJ006643, CID Rajinder Kumar 7193/NGO, EXJ005490, J/Zone, Punchok Wangdous 7551/NGO, EXK001395, K/Zone Gurmeet Namgyal 7161/NGO, EXK003462, K/Zone, Jalal Din Fani 7240/NGO, EXJ006665, CID Tsewang Dorjey 7160/NGO, EXK003461, K/Zone, Irshad Hussain  7535/NGO, EXJ007119, CID Tswang Dorjey  7162/NGO, EXK001965, PTSM, Ashwani Kumar , EXJ046189, CID Tarseem  Kumar , EXJ046190, Security, Fazil Abass 7552/NGO, EXK001454, K/Zone and Neeraj Kumur Choudhary, EXJ046043, Railway.


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