Excessive Cell Phone Usage: A Cause of Concern


Be careful with your Cell Phone and use it judiciously

It has been said that there is a limit to everything. Anything that is done in excess may go against the utility and might harm instead of giving comfort. Same holds true for what is said to have become an integral part of our life: A Mobile Phone. It has been a remarkable invention of science, which has made this whole world crazy. Ranging from simple to complex sets, they are of immense importance in our lives and it would not be wrong to say that they have become our personal attendants. Now a days the number of mobile phone users has increased like anything. Youth, in particular seems to be unable to resist themselves from the temptation of new and advanced mobile phones. Besides being important from commercial perspective, the mobile phone also serve the purpose of providing entertainment to its user. Listening to music, watching videos and capturing images, all are the attributes that make it an item of necessity. They are also being used as a fashion statement. Looking at it from beneficial perspective often makes one to use it without any limits, which can possibly turn into a nightmare later. Using a mobile phone without completely addressing its potential benefits and health hazards has become a main problem for the people who are still to be fully aware about its possible consequences. A take at current scenario highlights the extent to which the people have adopted these mobile phones which has reached to alarming proportions.

While the impact of mobile phones on health is unclear, but what is definite is that there is probably health syndrome associated with excessive usage of cell phones. Based on the increasing number of cell phone users, and the fact that the mobile handsets emit radio frequency waves, concerns have been raised against the safety of cell phone use. The international agency for research on cancer (IARC) has classified the mobile phones as possibly carcinogenic. Mobile phones can damage the brain cells thus resulting in the triggering of Alzheimer’s syndrome. It also causes disturbance in sleep and increases the resting blood pressure in addition to reducing the production of melatonin. The researchers have found that radiation from the mobile handsets damages areas of brain associated with learning, memory and movement. There could also be complications regarding the response time which decreased in the mobile phone users. They generally take much time to respond as the continuous use of mobile phones creates a mental fog which obstructs in their responding capability. Some scientific studies, though not corroborated so far, have linked excessive usage of mobile phone to fatigue, difficulty in concentration, increased risk of tumours, and headache. There are also possibilities of feeling unspecific symptoms like burning and tingling sensation in the skin and extremities, and tachycardia (heart palpitations) to the disturbances in the digestive system. The possible health effects also include ear defects, infertility and blurring of vision.

Preventive Guidelines: –

There are restrictions on how much a cell phone can emit, commonly known as specific absorption ratio (SAR). SAR is the rate of radiofrequency energy absorption per unit mass of the body Get SAR value of mobile sets and prefer those which have lower SAR values.

Minimize the cell phone usage to an accepted limit. 

Try to use earphones because they maintain a distance between ears and mobile phones.

Restrict placing the cell phone in a pocket or a belt while in use or while it is on. The body tissue in the lower body area has good conductivity and absorbs radiation more quickly than the head.

Do not make a call when the signal strength is weak (1 bar or less). It leads to emit strong radiations by the mobile set.

People of any age should not sleep with an active phone next to the bedside or under the pillow. The waves emanating can cause severe headache and can lead to other disorders in the long run.

Do not use the phone for longer time. If used, then shift it from left to right ear frequently. It will minimize the effect.

Inventions are made with the intent of making the human life more comfortable while making advancements in field of science. It is upto humans to take good advantage of them and use them in a fair and justified way. The possible consequences that one might have to face for excessive usage of mobile phones can be worrisome. There is an immediate need to properly understand the ways by which the cell phones could be used without risking our lives because of our sheer ignorance. Making use of our own intellect than relying on these handsets for carrying out calculations and scheduling our work can certainly be a good way of making distance from them. Analyzing what is good for us and following it with sincere efforts, will pave way for our better future.

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