HUMSAFAR: Pious Man’s Sacred Voice

The world have heard of such writers whose pen sprinkles a galaxy of words on paper; the forceful speakers whose ability ignite the passions of audience; the poets whose poetry gets world wide acclaim; the philosophers whose reasoning mystified the people; the politicians whose capability made wonderful works; the scientists who scale the planets; the businessman who have wealth with no bounds; the rulers who know the tricks to lengthen their rule.

But the world have seen very little those exemplary people who feel for the whole Muslim Ummah and ache for the true religion, who feel the pain in their heart, if a thorn pricks the foot of a Muslim. Their love is beyond racial, linguistic, and country boundaries. Their thoughts are higher than skies, deeper than oceans and vaster than deserts, their contribution are across the boundaries and their words and actions have no clash, their conscience is clear as crystal, their life is dedicated for the cause of others.

In every era, such great people exist very little in number. There are many preceding personalities that may be rightly counted among such great people but the current one is of our valley namely Hazrat Maulana Fayyaz Ahmad Zarroo Sahib (Madda-zilluhul-aali), the famous and favourite disciple of two sacred personalities viz Shaikh-ul-Mashaaikh, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Rahmatullah Mir Qasmi Sahib Daamat-uyoozuhum and Shaikh-ul-Hadith, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Nazeer Ahmad Qasmi Sahib (Zeeda-Majduhum).

Hazrat Maulana Fayyaz Ahmad Zarroo Sahib (Daamat-Barakatuhum) is a visionary man, Allah Ta’ala (Subhanahu-wata-aalaa) has bestowed him with the sensitive and sacred portfolios viz:-

(1) Naazim A’ala of Darul-Uloom Muhammadiyyah, Srinagar, J&K

(2) Director of Islamic Da’wah Centre (IDC), J&K

3) Editor of the monthly “AN-NOOR” (international English Journal being published from the campus of Darul-Uloom Raheemiyyah Bandipora Kashmir)

Allah Ta’ala (Subhanahu-wata-aala) added one more jewel in his sacred crown by designated him as Chairman of Humsafar Marriage Counselling Cell, Srinagar, J&K.

When our valley was burning with the rise of social evils at its metro speed, covering miles of distance in a minute, towards social disaster, engulfing history, culture, customs, traditions, norms, folkways, mores, values, health, economy, environment and to more sensitive & precious asset i.e. Religion, which created cracks in our social infrastructure and spotted our social fabric by corruption, bribery, adulteration, inflation, robbery, murder, drug addiction, alcoholism, kidnapping, eve-teasing, pre-marital affairs, illegal marriages, abortions, rapes, suicides, venereal diseases etc. This effect on creation made the Creator angry to trigger Tsunami, Earthquakes, climatic shift, tremors etc and while observing the root cause of these disturbances, late marriage surfaces up as core issue.

Getting restless with this situation, a young energetic pious man, born in city Island, postgraduate in English, Arabic and Islamic Science take off his brain child, almost seven years back, on one fine morning of Sunday 15th May 2005 and inaugurated Humsafar Marriage Counselling Cell, which embraced the victims with soft tone sacred voice, calling the people! “Come on my dear ones let us join the Humsafar. It will make your life austere and evil free!”

Under his austere dynamic chairmanship; Humsafar Marriage Counselling Cell touched its zenith, propagated its message across the borders, beyond the oceans and to the mountains. Its signals have crossed every layer of space, thus knocked every door of the state from the stage of Radio Kashmir Srinagar, with a soft sacred voice “HUMSAFAR”.

Humsafar Marriage Counselling Cell performed more than 5000 Nikahs from 15-05-2005 till date in a simple, economical and austere mode, which approximately costs not more than ?5000/- excluding Mehar. It has clicked every heart irrespective of its age, profession, region and mood. It has stitched every wound and educated the people about social and spiritual traumas.

This sacred mission of simple, economical and austere marriage received global appraisals. It has changed mindset of politicians, bureaucrats, professors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, professionals, technocrats and other civil society men; they have pragmatically appreciated this shift from extravagancy to austerity by adopting this program.

Electronic media provided its full support to flourish this mission of austere and economical marriages including Aaj Tak, CNN, IBN7, BBC, DD-National, E-TV; and from print media it is: The National (Gulf Based News paper), Sahara Magazine, Indian Express, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Conveyor Magazine, Outlook, The week, Greater Kashmir, Kashmir-e-Uzma, Aftab, Srinagar Times, Rising Kashmir etc.

Last year on 25-12-2011,  India’s one of the leading magazine “The Week” honored Humsafar Marriage Counselling Cell, Chairman Hazrat Fayyaz Ahmad Zarroo Sahib (Daamat- Barkatuhum) with the title of“Pearl of India”.

Radio Kashmir Srinagar, also take part, in providing healthy support to the mission of Humsafar Marriage counseling cell, by broadcasting its program under the title  of “Humsafar” on every Friday at 8:30 A.M., with the aid of this program, Humsafar reached every heart of the state and educated the people to tackle various social & spiritual issues viz joint family crisis, extravagancies, rights of widows, rights of women, rights of children, divorces, property settlement issues, misuse of gifts, post marital disputes, premises entry ethics, rights of old aged parents, rights of privacy, backbiting, jealousy, allegations etc.

The man behind this mission i.e. Chairman, Humsafar marriage counselling cell, Muhtaram Fayyaz Ahmad Zarroo Sahib really deserves the Noble Prize

May Allah Ta’ala (Subhanahu-wataala) flourish him and his mission, Aameen.

Author working as Assis as Revenue Officer,Municipal Corporation, SMC, and can be reached at:

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