Love Across LoC

Mercifully, it did not end in tragedy like classical Oriental lore of Shireen-Farhad and Laila-Majnu, but only just. The twenty-two-year-old Poonch girl who skirted the system and tempted fate the other day to do her heart’s bidding is lucky to be alive and back with family, hopefully to fight another day. In the part of […]

The Second Coming of Barack Obama

The race was tough, but US President Barack Obama has won re-election. The question now, for the United States and the world, is what will he do with a fresh four-year term? To win re-election with a still-weak economy and unemployment close to 8% was not easy. Many leaders – Nicolas Sarkozy, Gordon Brown, and […]

A Tall Order

Those who had thought that by announcing that the sarpanchs and panchs in Kashmir would “continue to be targeted no matter how much the government tries to secure them,” the UJC chief and Hizbul Mujahideen supremo Syed Sallhaudin had probably bitten more than he could chew are in for a rude shock. In an incomprehensible […]

In the name of God

As many as 239 religious organisations operated in Pakistan at the national and provincial level in 2002; presently reduced to 232. They pursue multiple agendas, such as transformation of society according to their ideologies, enforcement of Sharia law, establishment of Khilafah (caliphate) system, fulfilment of their sectarian objectives and achievement of Pakistan’s strategic and ideological […]

Ineffective Teaching

Teaching is a dynamic activity. It unfolds the world of knowledge, information and experience. But unfortunately such an important activity is often taken lightly in our society. Teaching requires an effective way of dissemination of knowledge and experience. There is no seriousness in government schools and institutions. Most of the government schools lack the teachers. […]

Paradoxical Situations

“Do you remember a hundred years ago?” Whenever I pose this question to some friends, they reply, “What? Are you kidding me? I wasn’t born by then!” Of course, it is just logical—isn’t it a wonderful mystery to have ever come to existence? Then, how can dying ever be better than staying alive? What is […]

Path Of Peril

In the absence of institutional decision-and-policy-making organs, a political enterprise runs the risk of being at the mercy of individuals with a limited intellectual canvas whose only qualification is to turn a slogan into a touchstone of wisdom (and patriotism) without questioning its deeper ramifications. The results are for all to see as to what […]

Forces Play Villain In Cross-LoC Love Tryst

SRINAGAR – Even as Indo-Pak rivalry over Kashmir has turned the region’s dividing line deadly again, love has blossomed across the LoC over the facebook, making a Poonch girl dare the barrier’s huge perils – and be thwarted by the sub-continent’s bitter reality. Overwhelmed and ardent with her cyber relationship, 22-year-old Iram Fatima of Golat, […]

Obama has slight edge on election eve

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama appeared to have a slight edge over Republican challenger Mitt Romney as America headed for the polls to pick the winner of a White House race that has remained extremely close for weeks. Taking no chances, both Obama and Romney and their key campaigners spent the final hours leading to […]

As Panchs Quit In Droves, Centre Say No To Security

SRINAGAR – As Panchayat members in Kashmir continued their ‘resignation’ spree through paid advertisements in vernacular press here, days after Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin issued a fresh warning to them, Centre today ruled out any individual security to the vulnerable lot saying it was not possible. Meanwhile the state government maintained that it has […]

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