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Clothing has always a simple and purposeful meaning to cover-up, decorate and to protect. As the saying goes, people need home, food and clothes for survival. Clothes are one of the basic needs of humans. The main purpose is to cover up and serve a protecting medium. May it be from scorching heat or shivering cold clothes have always been there for Beings. Certian Behaviouralists believe that cloths transmit social signals while certain others have belief that it is used for personal beautification.The comfort and protection concerns of clothes might be well overrimmed by the desire to look good and to acquire social status by an individual. Our dress should provide adornment. It should provide for decent appearance and should not be an eye sour for decent human beings.

Time I finished my college, the perception of being trendy perpetuated my mind that being a fashion bug was never a part and parcel of technical studies. I walked down the memory lane and rejuvenated myself with the childhood memories and realized half-pants were always than better sagged jeans.

The summer vacations are over and students might have geared up for the shopping, after all the college is reopening and every teen needs to look good. The look-good aspect of teens comes at the cost of parent’s hard earned money. Everyone has forgotten the saying that Men make clothes, clothes do not make men. Dressing sense surely needs to be spot-on but the purposive dressing should go on rather than catchy and trendy one. Wearing sagged jean never guides a transformation of a teen to adult. It only lowers the esteem, dignity and creates a negative, orthodox image of a being. Pravitization of education has create chaos in the society and irrespective of adding value to the society the moral and ethical values were moulded. Education institutes by some way or other has lead to the perception that clothes are the means of creating social value and status.

The teens of the society for being trendy and fashion freaks have forgotten the sole purpose of clothes. Educational institutes have drifted towards become fashion hubs and students have become morally week and culturally exaggerated. Inappropiate and funky stuff wearied by students do change their looks, beliefs, moral values. Education in such institutes comes at a very high cost for the parents as variable costs of shopping funky stuff adds-up to it. The spending on clothes by the college students is usually much higher and students believe that wearing an imported brand of shoes, sun glasses the stuff creates a social value for them. This is very much wrong as except ones deeds nothing creates a value for a person. The reality check should be carried out, uncomfortable jeans; a tight Tee never makes a person feel good. Wearing sagged jeans doesn’t mean that you are socially high class, it only depicts that a person needs a mental brush up. Observer feels freaked out when fashion hub students come up wearing weird stuff. Education is meant to be a social and moral value creating hub, but the current scenario reveals something else as learners have kept them at bay from the intended motive. Native culture is molded and western culture is adopted.

Westernization of the native culture led to several after matt’s. Let’s have a reality check a common sense depicts that why hard earned money of our parents should be wasted in such clothing’s. Although we need cloths as basic need but why should unnecessary stuff viz; braces, imported sun-glasses, high brand smart-phones, wear down the wallet of our parents. We need cell-phones for communication, but unfortunately students have transformed it in value creating and status upgrading benchmark. We reside in an arena where cell-phones are considered Smart over Humans. This fashion trend in arena of colleges does affect the students, who never wanted to be the part and parcel of it but get mentally drifted as they are looked down upon for their simple and casual clothing styles. This creates an uncertainty in the behavior of those students and they tend to lose their own identity and get a make-over of funky stuff to get involved in the friend circles. This leads to the change in the attire and attitude of the students and they lose interest in studies and rather get involved in other unwanted activities. These students devote much time in accessing the latest trends of fashion and forget the main aim of attending the college. So the fashion trend in colleges comes at cost of studies and precious time of a student.

Being a student one should realize that the prime purpose of attending college should solely be knowledge, intelligence attainment and application of same in the practicality. Colleges should adopt the dress code (uniform), which will eradicate the creation of student sections on basis of what they wear. This will create a sense of equality among the learners and much of the knowledge insights can be gained by students. The aspect wastage of the hard earned money of parents can be thus being eliminated and precious time saving will come in picture. The need of hour is to understand that clothes of students should be appropriate in context of their morality and shouldn’t soar the eyes of onlookers. Before it becomes too late to handle, the mindset needs to be brushed up. Students will certainly realize the value of morality and hard earned money of parents when they themselves will be in their shoes. So before it’s too late check your wasting and hold onto the basics rather than being trendy…….

Shaida junaid
Junior research scholar
LPU Punjab

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