Aggression & Accession

Darbar was yet to move, it was tonight 65 years ago the Palace of Maharaja Hari Singh plunged into pitch of darkness, the tribal raiders of frontier province of Pakistan had captured the only power house at Mohura on the main road from Domel to Srinagar along which invasion was proceeding. The death and destruction […]

Mallya or Maul-ya

Finance Minister, Chidambaram, has spoken wisely. He has rightly said that the poor are ethical and honest borrowers. In fact, they have moral values and conscience too. Precisely due to these qualities, poor farmers prefer ‘death-to-dishonour’. In total contrast, we have Vijay Mallya who has all the contrary qualities. Banks hound borrowers when they fail […]

Democracy at Stake in Jammu & Kashmir?

Till one and half year ago when the Panchayats were not in place, there were only 87 people in the state of Jammu and Kashmir holding Indian constitutional flag in their hands. These people were called MLAs (Members of Lagislative Assembly). But after the Panchayats came in to being, there are 35000 people in the […]

Simple Presentation Of A Grand Idea

Islam has answers to all economic problems. In view of the global economic crisis there are more people concerned & willing to consider / listen to alternative economic models. Here we present an extract from the monumental work ‘Iqtisaduna ‘ Our Economics ‘ by Allameh Baqr as-Sadr (Born-1934 Martyred: 9th April, 1980) The book is […]

One Injured In Bear Attack

Srinagar – Mohammad Iqbal Sardan son of Bogo Sardan resident of Sundbrari was attacked by wild bear at Wandevalgam, Kokernag in the jurisdiction of Police Station Kokernag resulting in minor injuries to the person. The injured has been shifted to hospital for treatment.  

Haj 2012 Begins, Pilgrims Move Into Mina

‘Here I am, O Allah, here I am’ MAKKAH – The annual Hajj pilgrimage started in earnest Wednesday, with nearly three million Muslims thronging roads on foot and by bus for a five-day journey of faith most have spent their entire lives waiting for. The pilgrims, among them some 1.7 million who have travelled from […]

The campaign against unilateral Talaq

Author – Ronaq Zahoor In 1982, the film “Nikah” was released in India. It was a story of a muslim woman whose marriage is dissolved when her husband says “Talaq, Talaq, Talaq.” Talaq literally means divorce. This film focused on the way in which divorce takes place in a Muslim marriage. Today, nearly 30 years […]

Clashes In Curfew-Bound Zanskar

‘Budhist Body Enforced Social Boycott After 22 Embraced Islam’ Srinagar – Three persons including a tehsildar were injured in Zanskar area of Kargil district where indefinite curfew was clamped following communal clashes between Muslims and Buddhists over the conversion of 22 Budhists to Islam in October last. The injured are being flown to Srinagar for […]

Gulmarg Freezes At Minus 5, Warm Sunshine In City

Srinagar – Temperature fell to minus five degrees of Celsius in Gulmarg on Wednesday as the famed ski-resort received another light coating of snow in the morning, reports said. Though mercury has dropped markedly across the Valley due to fresh snowfall in some high-altitude areas, most of Kashmir basked in mellow autumn sunshine today after […]

Deer Appears In Batmalu, Mauled By Dogs; Saved

Srinagar – People In Batmalu were astonished today to find a young deer in their midst, but deeply saddened to see that it had been severely mauled by stray dogs. Found in the Firdausabad locality, the deer was later taken by the wildlife department into its custody for treatment, and then released in the Dachigam […]

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