On Animals In Us

You show your own brainpower when you put aside your conditioning to see animals as pesky bees and bird brains  and see what is actually there. It takes intelligent observation to appreciate another culture, group or species' intelligence. If you drop your taught ways of judging animals you will see individuals of beauty, uniqueness, perceptiveness, intelligence, warmth, humor and wisdom. Your own intelligence expands and you come closer to your own divine nature. Here is a continuation of last week’s quiz. Which animal are you ?

1.Under that very placid exterior you are not what you appear – you have a whole other life in which you hold grudges , fancy people , nurture friendships and worry about the future. You are the best babysitter , looking after all your friend’s children while they have nights out.  You are active , alert and a trifle nervous.  You are excited by intellectual challenges and rarely make the same mistake twice but you do not take stress very well. You are easily spooked, you don’t like small enclosed spaces, changes in temperature or noise. You don’t like dark places. You have a tendency to eat in order to overcome fear and depression. You like slow classical music.

2.You are gregarious by nature and have a good attitude towards other people. You don’t like picking fights – your first instinct is to run from danger. You have poor vision but quick reflexes and a good memory . as a child you were a slow learner but as you grow older you become far more intelligent and interested in your surroundings

3.While you love your mother dearly it is your grandmother and her sisters that you adore and who look after you. They protect you when you are scared, cuddle you and make sure you eat well. In fact you have been brought up by women. You are gentle and very family oriented even remembering third cousins. You love completely, mourn deeply and have no enemies. You are the ultimate family person.

4. While you are agile and quick in your work, you often forget what you are supposed to do. In fact you are so busy doing three things at the same time, that you often mix them up for lack of attention. You talk a lot but it is mainly to your own family as you are wary of strangers. In fact most of your talking is warning family members not to talk to strangers!

5.You are a homebody who likes to stick to places you are familiar with. You are not a leader but when you trust somebody you make them your leader and will try new things only if they recommend it. You hate being away from your everyday surroundings and you like living life at your own pace. You tend to be dependant on people you are close to. You are compassionate and like taking care of people. You disguise your own pain so as not to bother other people. You like to be with people but not as the centre of attention. While you are intelligent you prefer offering your opinions from the safety of a crowd rather than leading.

6.You appear to be a sitting duck for most  overbearing people but while you are diffident and talk very little, you bounce back quickly  and unpredictably. You have nervous energy, strong reflexes, good eyesight and hearing and you sense danger. You are seldom surprised by events. Your energy is at its peak during dawn and dusk. You are fast, agile and clever and are spontaneously decisive.  When you get angry , your victim usually gets a sound slap.

7.You eat sensibly , are very picky about cleanliness and you have very sensitive skin so you do not like going out in the sun much. But inspite of your keen intelligence , you never stand up for your rights and so you find yourself treated very badly. You would like to be selective about what you eat but everyone else seems to decide your menu for you and to keep the peace you eat whatever you are given. You are a loving, patient being and a good parent. You are a hopeful person who always wants to believe the best about people. You are loyal, very witty in private and fun loving but few people know this.

8.You are bright but very finicky – specially about what you eat- but you like eating very much. You are inquisitive and not scared to explore. You hate being confined and are a major escape artist , finding your way out of the stickiest situations. You are full of energy , extroverted, flamboyant, and playful. You like physical play : running, jumping  whirling around . But , at the same time , you understand social hierarchy and are very particular about your place in it – giving respect where it is due and demanding it as well. In an office , you know whom the boss is and you stick close to him !

9. You are an ideal person for a commune. You follow orders implicitly and you work hard. You are an excellent teacher and an excellent student. You put your own ego last and first see to the comfort of everyone around you. You are good and organized at everything you do whether it is gardening, cooking , tending animals, keeping the house clean, architecture or mathematics. You like everyone and have no personal ambition beyond seeing that everyone around you is happy. You like sharing so if you find something good to eat you would much rather give it to someone else just to see the pleasure on their face. You are the kind of person the world needs.

  1. Cow
  2. Horse
  3. Elephant
  4. Squirrel
  5. Sheep
  6. Rabbit
  7. Pig
  8. Goat
  9. Ant

 See how similar animals are to people. Isn’t it time you recognized that and treated them as you would people.

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