Book Review: Literature of Resistance

By Farooq Chadoo The Book “Kashmir Under The Shadow Of Gun” depicts the possibility of the furtive warfare launched by various Kashmiris , especially youth for the liberation of their motherland. One such operation was the covert efforts of the people under the aegis of Al-Fatah like struggle, which was in vogue— the time when […]

Goni Khan: From Maharaja’s Horses To Pesky Bikers

Srinagar: Not many people know that the historic Goni Khan market in the heart of Srinagar city was once a desolate place housing a few shops. The only establishments that stood in the market in early 1950 were those of a butcher, a milkman and a cap-seller. Besides, Maharaja Hari Singh’s royal horses were reportedly […]

On Animals In Us

You show your own brainpower when you put aside your conditioning to see animals as pesky bees and bird brains  and see what is actually there. It takes intelligent observation to appreciate another culture, group or species’ intelligence. If you drop your taught ways of judging animals you will see individuals of beauty, uniqueness, perceptiveness, […]